Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heartmind, Mindfulness for Well Being

It's taken some time to get back into the blog again; it's been nice to travel with mum and its time to get back on track.

April 14th 2014

After the Neurocare event at Chesterfield College;
I went to join Heartmind; Mindfulness for Well Being run by Leon Moore.
This shall provide me with an overview of mindfulness; its practices and their relationship to developing peace and well being.
I shall understand stress in the body and how mindfulness helps deal with stress and improve relationships.
To understand the science and practices of mindfulness in relation to the brain, heart and bio-energy system.
To experience mindfulness and be able to start a simple daily practice.
                      ( These are not my own words, they are words from Leon Moore...Shhh!)
                      ((I sound brilliant with the words though!...))                                             


Leon Moore - Mindfulness Instructor

Sitting high above the world.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chesterfield College supporting Neurocare Charity 7th April 2014

                                                                    "Well I Never !"
I'm over the moon-Gobsmacked that g+ (Google Plus) has picked some of the pictures to my story that is here now.
Thanks Google Plus; what a surprise!

After being "Doon the Watter" with mum, Christine arrived; we travelled south from Scotland as the College Event for Neurocare was on Monday 7th April 2014.
I got up early the next morning; bright and breezy.
I even managed to put on some makeup; I did surprise myself at doing that.

I had some bits and pieces for the Neurocare Charity Event at Chesterfield College.
I put on my T-Shirt and took my scarf and the two coloured balloons for the day.
I even put on last years medal on the ribbon around my neck; I felt like "Mr T" from a programme that I watched when I was a teenager......... "Ah, The A Team!" I remembered.

On the way to college I still stopped off to promote the event that day.
"No stopping now" is what I thought.

Last minute promoting.
I got into the College and all the staff were busy doing their last minute touches on their event.

Tutor Dayle organising the students.

The atmosphere was electric.
That was added to my excitement of the event that day.

All the students have done wonders bringing some feelings into my feet & legs


College staff and pupils were preparing and organising this important event for Neurocare Charity.
There was a "Name The Monkey" and Prize Draws and a Beauty Hamper in the Draw.
There was lots of good-feeling pampering tips to-boot!
I was very pleased to see Sue Morris from Leonard Cheshire Disability.
It was lovely to see that others were coming into the event that day on their own personal time and not works time.
That put a big smile on my face.
Sue watched what was available and went for the Hand and Arm treatment.
Hmmmmmm! What shall I try today!

Sue Morris from Leonard Cheshire Disability

Sue was the first to arrive to get the treatment started; I was so thrilled for NEUROCARE.

I could smell the lovely scent from the hand oil and I thought
"Should I?"

Ahhhhhh! A great start to the day.
I even brought my Purple Bucket for all the donations that day.
I felt that because the college was doing a wonderful thing for Neurocare; I had to do my best and initiate myself to promote this as much as I could (which I thoroughly enjoyed!)
My Neurocare scarf was put up for the added visual effect that day alongside the two coloured Neurocare Balloons.

 I was up so early I actually managed to put on make-up!
"Shock-Horror!" I do surprise myself these days!
Tutor Bridget

Hair, Beauty & Holistics

Ladies Sharing the Beauty of the Day.

Pleasant aroma from the oils being used.

Peter Holehouse's photo.

Hand & Arm Massage
Peter Holehouse's photo.
Peter Holehouse





Does the aromatic oils and pressure points on the body bring you back from where you were lost?
Is this Heaven?
 It was lovely to see the Mayor Paul Christopher Stone arrive for the Neurocare Charity event.




Chesterfield College staff and students with family and friends attended the event for Neurocare Charity.
I was pleased that Mayor Paul Christopher Stone arrived too!

There was media students making a video of the event for their College too.
It touched your heart when you seen all the college departments doing what they could for this event.




People arrived for the Hand/Arm and Head Massage treatments.

I espied; caught sight of James Marples the creator of this event at Chesterfield College.

I watched him capturing the college students using what they have learned so far for Neurocare Charity.

Very impressed !

Work in action......


Watching the media in action.
Donations started to arrive.

Great details

The college had creative thoughts to bring in the pennies for Neurocare.

I decided to make a wee video to say "Thankyou";

It's so funny when I hear myself talk on this clip.
I know it's me talking but how you sound in your own mind is so completely different.
I sound sooooo Scottish!

To NEUROCARE CHARITY from Chesterfield College

Many Thanks to Chesterfield College.

I was amazed at all the attention being made here at the college for Neurocare.

p.s. there is a video on You Tube

                                                                      THE END.