Monday, January 29, 2018

Inspire Community Garden - Covering the Polytunnel 28/01/2018

Work started on preparing the polytunnel covering before it gets put over the frame and the raised beds were being lined before the earth filled each bed to stop any rotting of the wood.

On my walk around the garden I noticed a lovely pink stone and when I picked it up I seen that the the stone had writing on it which said 'FAIRPLAY 2018'
I thought that they were doing the Chesterfield UK Rocks so I will now take this stone on a journey and re-hide it in another area...........'I wonder how far this rock will travel......'

There was a visitor who has now moved from Chesterfield and couldn't attend the Potato Day so he took the journey on Sunday to arrive at the Inspire garden for his potatoes, peas, beans and garlic.

A very Happy Chappy with a bagful of goodies for the new garden and there was a tour around the garden.

There was snowdrops found on the last donation of topsoil.
A new destination for the snowdrop was found and I'm sure there will be more areas to be found in the future.

The finish of the second  Poly tunnel..

                                                                   To Be Continued...................