Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WEA - News with Sharon Maycock & Pauline Quinn

Tonight I arrived at the WEA Creative Writing class held by tutor Andrew Stuart.
I heard the good news that WEA Manageress Julie Caley who attended our Private Review posted our achievements doing the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design @ Chesterfield College.
The biggest achievement for me was to purely attend the classes, focus and learn.

I'm over-the-moon that Sharon has excelled in this Foundation Diploma course as she will be going to Nottingham Trent University doing a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.

Congratulations – Art Students complete Foundation Diploma

Congratulations to ‘WEA’ Art students Sharon Maycock and Pauline Quinn!
Pauline with display
Pauline with her display
Having attended WEA art classes, they have both been students at Chesterfield College since last Autumn (2016) and have just completed their Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Fine Art).  Some of their work was on display at The Dome at the College on Friday 23 June as part of a viewing of students’ work.
Sharon with her display
Double congratulations due to Sharon as in the autumn term she will be starting a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University!
Our brochure for the Autumn term will be available soon.
Autumn brochures will be available week commencing 19 June 2017 from WEA Centre on Stand Road, and from local libraries and various other venues around the area a week or so later.
Great new courses on offer – including: Introduction to Astronomy, Hadrian’s Wall and the Romans, Counselling Skills and Belly Dancing for Beginners.
From 20 June until the end of July you can call into the WEA Centre on Stand Road on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9:30am and 12 noon to pre-enrol on courses for the Autumn term.
In addition we will be having an Open Day on Wednesday 12 July with some free ‘have a go’ sessions on offer. People can call in for a tea or coffee, take part if they wish, find out more about our courses and get help with enrolling – so contact the centre for further details and tell your friends!
Online enrolment starts on Tuesday 20 June. Don’t miss out!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - 28/05/2017 Allotment New Fencing Project

Ashgate Allotment's new fencing

Time to put the kettle on for a wee cuppa tea.

The girls picked up the used teabags and apple cores and put them into the composting bins for me.
Work still continued in the garden.

I think this could be a cocoon where a caterpillar will rest before it transfers into a butterfly?
(Here's hoping I can find it the next time!)

It's been another end to an interesting day and hoping that I've captured a caterpillar's cocoon!

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Inspire Community Garden - Evening Visitors 25/05/2017

Another beautiful evening as people visit the Inspire Community Garden.

Note to self: when sitting down for a cuppa; NO Chair is Clean!

Foxglove flowers

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