Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chesterfield College - Private Review

I entered The Dome from the first floor and looked at the student exhibitions that circled around the upper level. I saw visiting guests arrive as I looked down and saw my exhibition space from the higher level and done a quick selfie and hoped I captured the prints that hung up on the wall.

I noticed Sharon as she waved up to me from the lower level.

Still looking down I saw Rhianna looking at my space so I called her name and received a wave "hello" and a "thumbs up"

In all these years I've never been to a students private review of work done at college.
The whole evening's atmosphere was filled high with energy, excitement and happiness as family and friends chatted and laughed as they moved around the space.

It was lovely to see friends from Inspire Community Garden, the College and the manageress from WEA Chesterfield as she was interested to see how previous students from WEA progress at college. I personally moved forward in life after a brain trauma when I joined the WEA classes to improve my speech and English doing the Creative Writing classes as my speech was a struggle and to make a sentence structure was such a challenge but the improvement has been positive  with help from WEA

I giggled so much when I seen my destination in Metalwork but it's made me think!

Julie from WEA with 2 previous students and I still use the facility doing Art and Creative Writing.

Julie and I were so impressed with the destination from Sharon going to Nottingham Trent University doing a BA(Hons) Fine Art
Another Fabulous Day

To Be Continued...........

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