Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Inspire Community Garden - Robin Sings 16/12/2018

                                                                  To Be Continued.............

Inspire Community Garden - Time To Protest - It's Not a Laugh! 10/12/2018

I've always been brought up into this world with respect, politeness, and thoughtfulness for others on this land. I knew that being involved in supporting and doing something good for the Community is a good thing that you're doing; even if it is through a protest.
I've been rather shocked and couldn't understand the thoughts that must be going through the minds of the Planning/Planners?
I still can't understand that one!
Have I been living on our planet ?
Do I no longer become aware of what goes on throughout this area every year!
It's been a bit of wake-up call to me!

I'm not happy with the smiled Planner faces so I shall not put any of their pictures on here.
These people are not worth it!

C'est La Vie!     Such Is Life!

                                                            To Be Continued................

Inspire Community Garden - Clearing Up 9/12/2018

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Inspire Community Garden - Even through Rain a New Visitor 05/12/2018

It's lovely to see that volunteers at the Inspire Community Garden are always there to show new visitors around the garden no matter what the weather brings through Rain or Shine!

It's time to go in for a well deserved cuppa tea!

                                                          To Be Continued..................