Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heartmind, Mindfulness for Well Being

It's taken some time to get back into the blog again; it's been nice to travel with mum and its time to get back on track.

April 14th 2014

After the Neurocare event at Chesterfield College;
I went to join Heartmind; Mindfulness for Well Being run by Leon Moore.
This shall provide me with an overview of mindfulness; its practices and their relationship to developing peace and well being.
I shall understand stress in the body and how mindfulness helps deal with stress and improve relationships.
To understand the science and practices of mindfulness in relation to the brain, heart and bio-energy system.
To experience mindfulness and be able to start a simple daily practice.
                      ( These are not my own words, they are words from Leon Moore...Shhh!)
                      ((I sound brilliant with the words though!...))                                             


Leon Moore - Mindfulness Instructor

Sitting high above the world.