Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bryan Ferry & Gary Barlow.......... (Day Two)

The next day: April 2nd 2014
I was surprisingly taken on a journey, it was all nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and  say no more!
Preparations for the journey were Thought Through Thoroughly.
Lips were sealed and the music was constant as the driver sang all the way.
The singing was in tune.... Well; I thought I was in tune!
(Even the words were correct for the songs being played!)
(Shhh! I really liked the music too!)
It was Bryan Ferry...AHHhhhhhhhhh (fan)
The driver stopped every now and then.
I needed to stop occassionally to walk; the legs wanted to stretch out as they were needing to get the blood circulation back into motion again.

Then I videod what I was seeing....
Lots of space;
Freedom, no barriers, you could walk and walk and walk and walk continulously.
What a feeling to see this expanse of land in front of you.
SAM 8488
When I saw the hills in front of me there was no words to describe the feelings that I had.
As you can see through the reflection of the car window the driver put her hand on my knee.
So many emotions came all at the same time, I was going home.
A little piece of water may have slipped from my eye!

We stopped half way for brunch at the Llama Karma Kafe when I started a conversation with quiet people; I don't think that they got the jist of my speach.

The statues were just like myself;

I was there; but not there? just like how they are now, they can be seen but they can not be heard!

I was lucky to be in the middle of the chaos of being seen and not heard.
It could be an Epiphany; A moment of sudden and great realization.
People could see me, but could they hear me; even although my vocal notes were not very articulate.

As I had brunch, I watched through the glass and a Llamma came over and lay down behind me.
What great escapeism.

 Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived or your aware of the unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life.

Possibly after a brain injury, there seems to be a connection with animals.
Have we travelled back to another place or time?
The brain is so intricate and it's only now that we start to realise how clever the brain can be.

 Home from home.

 Some of the animals get so photo shy!

The sun still shone.

What a brilliant place to lift your spirits.

Then it was the Rabbit pose.

Aphy said: "Look Pauline.... I'm smiling" as Grumpy turned away. What a bummer!

The Llammas were a special family with their pictures on the shef for all to see.

We finished our brunch and it was Scotland ahead.


"Moovin'........You must be jokin' there."
A way to move without doing "A Van With A Man"
No more packing with newspapers and box after box after boxes.
Must keep that in mind.

Pictures are great at telling a story.
This cloud that I caught on camera made me think about the line between then and now.
How sharp is that line in the sky; your leaving the dark area and moving into the light, even the shade of blue in the sky was remarkable.

Straight away that light just dissappeared............Whoosh !

Then as the sharp line appeared in the sky again; I thought..........
It must be the reflection with the glass on the car windscreen!
Shock Horror!
There was me thinking that I found the greatest thing in the world for others to know about/
(I do giggle at how the brain reacts)
Re-Educate! That's on my To Do List.

YIPPEEeeeeeee it's back to Scotland.


Great areas of trees, hills, rivers and fresh air.

This is my surpriser, Chauffeur-ess , Singer, big sis, Mrs Christine Burns.
After all the ups and downs in my life, even before and after my haemorrhage; she has always been there no matter how horrible that I've been; that's family.
ThanX Christine XXX

I was the quietist passenger for many miles, words got lost as the sights were more impressive.

Then I arrived in.......... Glasgow!


When we got into Glasgow, Brian and Jed were waiting for our arrival.
Brian gave us one of his To Let holiday homes, it was just off Great Western Road.
ThanX Brian
Wonderful memories came back.
Great times were spent down Great Western Road when I lived in Glasgow.

As Christine and I arrived, there was nice big smiles to see me when the door opened up.
It's been a long time since I could remember our last meeting?
My mind was so mixed up before.
I can't remember seeing anyone on my birthday on the 1st of April 20012, what a shocker!
What a difference in three years!
Thank goodness there's been a great change in me now.

My neice Sarah, joined us for the afternoon.

We headed to Byres Road and passed the Glasgow Museum & Art Gallery.

We had a lovely wander around Byers Road and went for dinner and a good catch-up.

I went round to see Sarah's new home, it was nice to see all of her visions for the new home coming together into a reality.

Chrisrtine & I had a nap and then it was time to get ready for the evening surprise.....


YES......It was:-



What a sight for sore eyes.....

The atmosphere was electric...

I was in the heavens watching everything as I didn't want to miss anything.
My eyes were darting all around me as I caught all the expressions from peoples happiness.

Then I done a Facey...
I prefer to call it a Facey word than a selfie word....... That's just me.

There was a very lovely couple who exchanged their seats with us so that I was closer to the exit and I didn't need to climb so far up the steps.
Big steps equals the Biggest effort to move.

The Biggest ThanX to:-

Yvonne Whittingham & Martin Walsh from Holytown, Glasgow.

Many ThanX for your kindness in exchanging the seats.

When they offered me a seat exchange; this may be the easiest thing for them to do, but it was the biggest help for me as I was next to the exit (just incase!) and I could stand up and stretch my legs and I wouldn't be blocking anyones view.
There is lovely people all around us.

The lights from the stage area were watching all the happyness in the audience.

 There was large screens on the stage for all to see.

Then as the sun rose glitter fell from the sky.

The sun alway makes me smile;
Is it the brightness of the light or, are you happy with the warmth?
Hmmmmm !

 No matter how far away you were from the stage, you were so close with the technology of the largest screens.

It looks like the large screen Gary is watching that he is playing well down below.

It was lovely to look at the pictures and capture the evening all over again.

A great night had by all at the SSE Hydro. 


Dear Christine,

Thank you very much for all the details that you picked up on from my past.
The music that you arranged was Roxy Music; a classic touch to my journey in the car.
What great attention you took by coming off the Motorway to take me to the Llamma Karma Kafe.
You left the Motorway and took the "A" Roads so that you could pull into the layby's when I needed to stretch my legs for the blood circulation.
You turned off the music when you seen that I was dozing away peacefully.
You drove me through the Ayrshire Coast, it was pleasant to see all the places I visited before.
You paid attention to all the places that you took me to in Glasgow, each place that we went to I could tell you, yet another story.
And going to see Gary Barlow.............The cherry on my cake.

Many ThanX

Lots of Love,

Pauline XXX