Friday, December 7, 2018


Can you please help us to save the Inspire Community Garden?

Can anyone help us on Monday?

Dear Inspire friends & supporters

We really need your help.  There is a Planning Committee meeting this coming Monday 10th Dec at 3pm at Town Hall which could decide the fate of Inspire.  We just need an hour of your time to attend this, as the more people we have the better the chance of swaying councillors.

If the application goes through and permanently blocks vehicular access for deliveries and disabled it will seriously undermine the viability of the garden.

The Council have recommended approval of the application (on half of the owners of the carpark) and for members of the planning committee to reject it (so that Inspire can sit down with the developer to talk about options - which they have always refused to do) we think our best chance is to get as big a show of support as possible at the meeting.

I realise many of you are working but if you can come, bring a friend, or let other people know about this, that would be really appreciated.  So much hard work and love has gone into creating the garden and we don't want to lose it.

The planning committee will also do a site visit to the Ashgate Rd carpark site at 1.15pm. If anyone can join a group of us who plan to have a silent protest outside that would be great.

Many thanks,