Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Repeats it'self from 3yrs ago!

Life does repeat it'self all over again!

This is what happened to me 3 years ago...................STRESS !

Will my brain collapse again?


Yesterday I went to the Job Centre and asked (yet again !) if my Benefits can go into my own personal Bank Account............The answer was.......NO !

The Job Centre lady said that my Appointtee, the person who has the Lasting Power of Attorney needs to Relinquish their position so I should go to a solicitor to deal with this.....Drama again !
Do I really need this?.........No, I don't.

Then I went to PC WORLD, the internet technician told me that:-
Otherwise, how can you be in two places at the same time.
Take you laptop to the Police about this!"

The sun may shine one of these days........

 I look at my life through a camera..........

Such is life !

Monday, April 14, 2014

Commonwealth Flag Raising with Mayor Paul Christopher Stone

What a great start to March 2014
My language is still pretty colourful with my youthful airs and graces, I should go on the stage.
I've said: "Get your balls on the table....." Oops ! Sorry Sir...
I've become a Cantancerous Squabbling Blob Writer.....I must change!
Take a Break!
I concentrate on painting instead, look at the flowers, smell the scent...Ahhhh! Perfect.

I'm Back! or I AM getting Back! or I AM coming Back!
Monday 10th March @ 9:45am Flag Raising Invitation from the Mayor.
It's a bright, sunny day for another adventure to Raise and Fly the Comonwealth Flag

Unfold the Flag

Ready to go,go,go.......

As I sat on the bench to raise and rest my right leg the Mayor appeared with a smile at my arrival.
Sharon Buxton smiled as she walked over to the flag, a big morning with Photographer and Government Members.

I'm honoured to be invited along to the Raising of the Commonwealth Flag for Queen Elizabeth II

Sharon and I posing for the Photographer.

The sun was so bright to my eyes........ must look into that!

Preparation for the talk.

Paul Christopher Stone, Sharon Buxton, Marie Buxton-Williamson plus1 beautiful baby.

Great thoughtful words

Speach before the Flag Raising

A little prayer helps that morning.
Commonwealth Flag Raising
The Raising
It reaches for the sky

Tying the Flag in Position
See how the Commonwealth Flag Flies in Chesterfield

What a superb honour to be part of this history for Chesterfield Market Town.
Now inside the "Big Hoose" The Town Hall for tea and cake.  Smiles had by all; It's great to capture people while they continue with work and oblivious of the camera snapping away by me.
Bleedin Eck! China tea cups and a picture of HRH Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip...Phewwwww!
I'm Gazzumped........!

222 china pieces.

The furnishings are beautiful; these two units remind me of the furniture in Claridges Hotel in Mayfair London when I was a resident Chambermaid....Ahhhhh youthful memories!

Should I make more Jewellery? It's rather heavy for the ear though!

A little bit of Bling.......? How Much £££'s...? Golds not my colour to wear though, I'll put it away under key.
I'll put them back as they dont match what I wear today.....maybe another day......!
What an imagination eh!

BLING! WOWZER! Design and Art is beautiful here on the chains.

I shall write a letter about my day to my Blob/Blog;

Dear Me, Pauline'sblob2.

What a day I'm having...
The sun is shining and the Flag is blowing in the light breeze today.
What an experience to be part of the Commonwealth Raising Flag in Chesterfield Market Town.
The tea tastes delicious from China cups, the furnishings are exquisite and the pictures on the walls are spectacular of our Royal Family.
I thought that attending the Christmas Party by the Mayor was magical to be part of that but today has just peeked even more than I expected.
I arrived here in Chesterfield and I knew nobody as it was a brand new place for me to be put.
After my Brain Trauma, I had no social avenues to take, no-one to talk, walk or laugh with.
I was well and truly alone!
No Family....Nothing!
A big shift moved for me here;
As I stand at the end of the junction to cross the road; these mobile people stop and allow me to cross the road......"no rush, take your time!" can be heard. People open doors for me, say "excuse me may I help you!"  People in this Town have the Biggest Hearts that I have ever seen before.
I have made some wondeful and inspiring friends, associates and notable peoples from different avenues than my own path, a great big pot of knowledge that cares and loves for life.

Lots of Love,
From Me, Pauline, I AM XXX

The Flag Flies

A great sight.

I watch the Flag Fly.

Great to see the strong Flag in air.

I need to go for a cuppa and seat again..........I'm exhausted after an exciting morning to see and hear and talk about.

Superb !


THE END............. (only for today!)