Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A quick catch-up.....yet again!

After the 1940's Vintage Weekender; Monday 17th February 2014

Is this my position in this life!
Have I become a professional giver of some colourful words these days.
I have been told that I'm unfit to look after my own monies after my behaviour.
I also trust the wrong people and one name is quite absurd here.
Just a few snippets of my life for now.
I don't have anything from my past.
Where is all my papers that came with me!
What happened to 2010-2012?

I need to make some connections to bring my life goes!
My life that appeared; is in a poly bag! Surely Nae!

I went back to the SSS and reflexology group.
This fungus toe.....Yikes!
Puffy ankles, feet and legs.....Yikes again!
Serious job to get it right this time; no more galavanting to pretty places as in 2012.
My brain was too vulnerable as it was still too sick.
The brain was very fragile after the trauma.


Students take this research so important.

Focussed at every movement.

What can I say.......Amazing!

I can still put in a wee line every now and then ! She smiled at that one....

I felt more nerves and fell asleep........What a face as I sleep?

This must be Bridget catching me in ZZZZzzzzzzLand! Yet Again!

Student writings about what is happening with me.

Look at these feet! The Right Foot is relaxed and the Left Foot is tight???? WHY?????

I have to write every week describing the feelings about each nerve that occurs.

A superb day....ThanX

Bridget who picture catches me when I'm zonked out with the massage experience.
This is a great way for the students to know and learn how this subject helps people.

For me; this has been a great experience to be granted to be part of their educational studies.

As I left the college they were doing their Doo!
Holistics, Media, Drama, Journalism, what a great HotPot here in Chesterfield College.
Turn Back Time...!
They all know where they are!

Another great day to help me on my progression to health.

ThanX to All at Chesterfield College XXX

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