Monday, December 30, 2013

Gordon & his straw creation, Painting & Charities.

Stopped this crying and; Back to the blob!
I can't wait for this year to end!
I want the bright colour's back into my life and get rid of all these Black Shadows that follow me!

This may be good info as I'm a party member for the global research!
On Saturday the 23rd of November 2013, I have terrible Heartburn every time I bent over to lace my shoes, sometimes I have an inner feeling to be sick --- but I'm not! (thank god!)
Sunday the 24th of November 2013, STILL have Heartburn.
Monday the 25th of November 2013; Yes!!! STILL got Heartburn, why has this lasted so long?
I wonder if it's to do with my medication??
I'll need to find out about these pills and how they react with you!

I stayed in this weekend 23/24th Nov and painted.

I was told in the art class that you work in layers when painting; that's my challenge, paint!
Well it distracts me from what's going on in my life.
I've chosen my main colouring just now; it's Black.......... again!
Everything that I say and do these days is the most deep down dreeriest, dullest, darkest days.
That's my life just now!
So why/how, are you supposed to feel like this colourful, bright and breezy whoosh; that breezes through the air where ever you go to; then becoming that person with that black shadow that follows you everywhere!?
That's ME!

I started to paint with the dark turmoiled clouds to see what I could do with it, but I had the worst heartburn when I had bent over to tie my shoe laces on the Saturday 23rd November. Why did the heartburn start; I wonder! This heartburn has hung about until Tuesday 26th November
I've had heartburn for 4 days so far; then I went to the "ladies-room" something came out of my body. (Strange!)
I called the surgery and told them about my (well, you can see for yourself!) they asked me to drop a specimen off to them which I did.
Weird Eh!!!
This specimen went to Chesterfield Hospital to find out what it is that's floating about in my body.
It's as if some floaty things have moved into my right leg. I usually push and nudge these fatty, floaty areas in my right foot, ankle and leg. I should become a Doctor! What do you think!
My specimen.
It gives you the Jidders when you see something like that........solid in sight;.....but squishy to the touch?

I then went to the sports centre to say "Hi" to all.
I was about to sit down in the cafe, when a gent came in with his Carer. He was in his chair and I bent down and spoke to him (me....talking again!) whilst I held the eye contact. I asked how he was and realised that he was probably quieter than me; so I just carried on talking casually and kept the same tone to my voice.
He started to wiggle about with the straw that he had in his fingers; he was creating his art.
Then the lady asked me if I knew him ? I said "No!"
She told me that I was talking to Gordon and she was Genna.
She was very surprised that I started to talk to Gordon first.
When he finished his straw creation, he held it out to touch my hand which I received.
I told him that his creation was beautiful and I thanked him for giving me some of his time and his attention towards me.
After about 2 minutes he took his creation back, Genna was flabbergasted at what she saw.
Genna said that Gordon wouldn't usually pass on his art; apart for that instance; which was totally amazing.
I'm Amazed! WoW!!!

The lovely Genna XXX ThanX

Later, I went to the Specialist Stroke Services Group; "SSS"
For me, this has been a great weekly place to join.
We all have had different brain injuries, mainly strokes, we all talk together which is the best thing for us.

We're all on different stages and we are trying to cope with being disabled after being able-bodied; at some point with that biggest smile.
"Look at me! I'm fine!....NOT!"

There was a stall for Leonard Cheshire Disability.
We all shared the same Community Centre; most of their group made some Christmas Cards.
This was the first Christmas Cards that I bought this year.
They all used their imaginations to decorate the cards.
Another great day.
It's lunchtime and people at the cafe always put my wee happy face on the wrapping paper.
I must check the others lunch wrappers and see if they have smiling faces too!
Maybe it could be to make me happy; you never know!
Victoria, with Irene & Stuart

This four legged friend is Victoria the Black Labrador.
Then we have Irene and Stuart who were taking turns to talk about the Guide Dogs and all there jobs that they do on a regular daily basis to assist the person who needs the sight.
Later, we all listened and learned about the Guide Dogs for the Blind.
The Guide Dog is basically your supporter, your friend.
These dogs need to be happy with the individual firstly, I'd say there is a bond between them. The dog is your eyes.
These dogs are so clever with their paws, they don't go too fast for the walker, it knows what it's doing.
If you went to the traffic lights to cross the road and the noise and green man were not working but the traffic lights went to red; here is a little piece of info for blind and partialy sighted.
That little yellow box where you press the button to cross the road; on the underside, there is a popped out longer button which twirls when the main lights are red
When you touch that button and it twirls, it's actually saying that it's safe to cross the road.
A great piece of info; my friend Chris who has eye problems told me this too.
You learn something every day!

Beautiful Victoria

The lights went on in Chesterfield Town, it was lovely to watch all the colour's out twinkling.

A Mini; in a Hairdressers??? WoW!

As I walked past the hairdressers; I gave it a Double Take through the window.
"A MINI!" I said as I opened the door.
We giggled!
Then it's back to school;
It's still classes for me, Creative Writing.
There was poetry created that day in November called "CHRISTMAS TIME" as the lights came on in town.
            It got you into a Christmas'sy feeling.

Me and the poetry with Liz Stone

Here's what I did in the writing class;
"I chose the Santa design; Phew! It's Exhausting this designing. Giggle, Giggle!"
Liz started this poem and was finished in minutes; 10/10 for that.
I walked through the Market Square and saw the Star sparkling, suddenly something happened which I still can't explain !?!

What happens here!
The Star!

I'm standing still all the time!


Now, just the Star again!!!

I should learn more about digital cameras; this could possibly be a; go back to school class!
On Friday the 29th of November; I went to the surgery for my medication; then, as I was walking home there was a sign put up high in a garden for all to see it. It was a Coffee Morning with some stalls for anyone who would like to pop in. It was in Mr Toby Perkins MP Labour Offices in Chesterfield.
You know me! I had to be my nosey old self.......!
As I walked in, it was lovely to smell and see all their goodies to be sold there for different Charities.

Our True Heroes,

You had China Teacups and Tea Plates for your wee cuppa and cake that morning.......Very Posh; no holding back there!

A great atmosphere with wonderful stories galore.

Great memories from all.

We shall all remember; just like Mr Toby Perkins MP.

Wonderful times.

A great coffee morning with an abundance of stories that make you smile.

Phoenix Trading

Beautiful scarves.
I was spoken to by Judy from Phoenix Trading; she remembered me about 5yrs ago at my brother-in-laws Fancy Dress Birthday Party. Her husband worked alongside David; he's Scottish too!
"Aucht aye the noo!"
He blethers a lot too!
It must be the Scottish veins in our blood; Hee, Hee!
Phoenix Trading

This lovely lady Judy knew me from Davids 40th Birthday Fancy Dress Party about 5yrs ago......Memories are wonderful. ThanX for the Memories Judy XXX
 This has been my best coffee morning in this Office; another extraordinary event.....again!

When I finished there I went off to my art class to finish my unexpected surprising day.
Loch Lomond, I'll finish it one of these days.

Still more bits and pieces to do

I don't think it's finished yet!

Touched up the lines with oils here on London's Tower Bridge; it's still wet!

Then, I went to get the bus to Sheffield with Chris on Sunday 1st December 2013.
I do talk a lot!
The passenger kept us laughing all the way.
He knows a lot of what happened with us.
Through his own family member.
Then we made it to The White Lion, Sheffield.

The painting on the back wall in the garden of The White Lion, Sheffield.

A wonderful painter giving you a look into the past.

I loved looking at the dated coal fireplace. I wonder what memories it catches here.

Capturing all the sights that day.

Isn't my head an unusual shape these days!

Chris laughed when he looked closely at my head........."Nah! it's fine!"

The Ginger man's Home!

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Merry Christmas Google+ Plus,
Thank you for the decorations you showered me with; the sparkles on the tree and the snow falling down.
You have brightened up my Blob/Blog Christmas 2013 ThanX
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Not as bright as the sparkling lights above via Google+ Plus.

Cakes galore.

Banana, Carrot & Sultana Cake made by Chris.

Chris the baker!

Many goodies!

Too many choices.....Hmmmmmm!

SSS stall, Specialist Stroke Services
SSS Stall & Carrot Cake
I put money up for the SSS Charity on the Tombola and received a "Man Gift" present. Sorted; Brian's X-Mas Pressy!

A nice Christmas Tombola Pressy table.

Image description

Specialist Stroke Services

Registered Charity No 1140073
Our website is still under construction -
Please checkback soon to see our news and updates
We are a highly-skilled team of experienced specialist stroke support workers, stroke survivors and carers, dedicated to providing the best possible support to those who need it.

Our service supports people living with the long-term and often complex challenges associated with stroke. 

We work with social care staff, GP’s, clinical psychologists, community  rehab teams, speech and language therapists to provide the best possible service integrated within the local community.

Our services are designed for people who are likely to have a complex combination of needs - including cognitive, physical and psychological.

We provide effective person centred approaches to living with the long term effects of a stroke. We can offer...

  • Day Care Opportunities
  • Respite
  • Communication Support
  • Direct Payments Advice and Support
  • Drop in advice clinics
  • Advice and information sessions
  • Peer support
  • Supported gym sessions
  • Support with paperwork
  • Advocacy Service
  • Assisted Transport Service
  • Benefits Advisory Service
  • Support to find and recruit Personal Assistants
  • Training for health and social care professionals

Service enquiries to:
Julie Wheelhouse - Service Manager

Debbie Newton - Assistant Manager

Contact us

By Post
Specialist Stroke Services
The Staveley Centre
Calver Crescent
S43 3LY

SSS The Specialist Stroke Services is my light every week, they guide me where I Want To Be, not where others want me to be!
 It's The Happy Snowman especially for Christmas time.

It's Snowing!

St Lukes Hospice Stall; the mother-in-law makes the knitted things and Jo volunteers when she has time off from her full-time Waitrose job.

I need Snow to fall!

All the Ginger men.

Festival of Light 2013

About the Festival events programme, and how to dedicate a light in honour of a loved one.

St Luke's Hospice Sheffield charity Festival of Light
Every year we invite supporters to dedicate a light in our stunning display of tiny white lights, to celebrate the life of a loved one.
Our 2013 Festival of Light runs from 1 December until Twelfth Night. The switch-on ceremony took place on Sunday 1 December and there's still time to dedicate lights.

How to dedicate a light

Anyone can dedicate a light at any time to celebrate the life of someone close to them, young or old, healthy or ill, living or deceased. It's easy, and you can celebrate the lives of as many people as you like.
All the names of the people whose lives are celebrated are entered in a commemorative book kept in our hospice chapel.
All the money received from donations comes to St Luke's.
Our services to patients are free, and only 31 per cent of our funding comes from the NHS. Every year, Festival of Light donations play a vital part in helping to fund our expert patient care.
  • It costs £22.16 for one hour’s care for a patient in the hospice
  • Two home visits by a Specialist Community Nurse cost £52
  • It costs £726 to run all St Luke’s services for one hour
So please do support our Festival of Light, and help us to care for our patients and their families at the time when they need us most.
To make a donation now and celebrate lives, please visit our online donation form.

This year’s Festival of Light is generously supported by

John Heath logo

It's a Wally Close! A Tenement hallway in Glasgow..........Beauty to every detail them days!

Hand Made X-Mas Tree Decorations.

The Igloo cake; what thought!

It's unusual hand made toys, I got the white ghostee from the ANTHONY NOLAN Trust stall, hold on and the poster can go up for me.
They deal with the Blood Cancer. Charlotte's mum has leukemia, she's a fighter too Charlotte says!
It would be lovely to register with Anthony Nolan and Donate something, I'll ask Mr Patel or my Doctor!

Charlotte with all her hand made presents.

There is my little White Needle Holder with odd eyes and a broken heart.

Would I or could I be a Match!!! We'll see!

Donate your stem cells

Be a lifesaver

Give someone a second chance at life by joining our register.
Join now

Share the lifesaving link

If you know someone aged between 16 to 30 who might be interested in helping to cure blood cancer, why not tell them about our register?
Send info

- See more at:

Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan


Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer who need a blood stem cell transplant.


  1. "There's no breaking Brad!" Liverpool's on amazing work w/ helping us recruit more donors
  2. Merry Christmas to all you lifesavers. Have a very special festive season!
  3. Hi Stuart, thanks for sharing. You've done an incredible thing, without people like you our lifesaving work wouldn't be possible
  4. Incredible volunteer Glenn Abbassi is giving up her Christmas to collect stem cells from China, read her story:
  5. Hi Elliot, to join our register you'll need to fill out a form on our website, you can find that here:
  6. Visit from donor support & now a proud owner of a rather fabulous tote bag of goodies :) x
  7. Liam joined the register as part of the appeal, recently he donated bone marrow to a child
  8. Just got my donor card in the post. If you're 16-30 you should sign up or else.
This is amazing to read what others have done for Anthony Nolan.
So many have the passion to carry on here for donations.
It brings a tear to your eye when you see and read at what these people do for Anthony Nolan.

THEY'VE ALL HELPED GIVE SOMEONE THE CHANCE OF LIFE, that's the most precious gift to donate for them at Christmas and New Year.

Donate your stem cells

Be a lifesaver

Give someone a second chance at life by joining our register.
Join now

Share the lifesaving link

If you know someone aged between 16 to 30 who might be interested in helping to cure blood cancer, why not tell them about our register?
Send info

- See more at:

Donate your stem cells

Be a lifesaver

Give someone a second chance at life by joining our register.
Join now

Share the lifesaving link

If you know someone aged between 16 to 30 who might be interested in helping to cure blood cancer, why not tell them about our register?
Send info
- See more at: do some people not get listened too!......... like myself?Cool gifts, you won't see anyone else with your wooly pressy!
Pauline & Ian knit for themselves and put some of their income into their charity.
Ian had a heart by-pass in 1996.
Then after 18yrs he had a triple by-pass, then 16yrs later Gin had Stints:-

from Odes: 14. Gin the Goodwife Stint

By Basil Bunting
The ploughland has gone to bent   
and the pasture to heather;   
gin the goodwife stint,
she’ll keep the house together.

Gin the goodwife stint   
and the bairns hunger   
the Duke can get his rent   
Pauline & Ian
one year longer.

The Duke can get his rent
and we can get our ticket
twa pund emigrant   
on a C.P.R. packet.

I took a head muff and keyring for more Christmas gifts.

Elf hat being modeled

SSS Specialist Stroke Services

Charlotte does this for her mum.

Jo volunteers and her mother-in-law knits.
Pauline & Ian, busy knitters. (I hope they get a stall somewhere for New Year!)

Then the Tombola came out with the numbers......Oooooh! I won a man gift.

Brian's Christmas present came from the Tombola's winning number as the money was going to Charity.
Merry Christmas Brian XXX
(That's my brother Brian Quinn)

I bought this head warmer from Pauline & Ian. ThanX busy knitters. Who am I looking at now; what do I see!?!
In lots of my pictures I'm looking at something elsewhere, you can see I'm focused on something that isn't there; why do my eyes travel elsewhere? I'm intrigued at what I see......Hmmmmmmm!

It's now DECEMBER; the last month of this year; what excitements are ready for me!!!

You know the way this Blob/Blog game plays with me;
There is so many ups in my life and then the dreary, sluggish weeks, But! No worries; I've got through what I'm about to write and I'm still here; I still have my head up high with a true honest smile on my face.