Saturday, December 28, 2013

Me Swearing!?

As I was doing my blob/blog this morning, I fell, collapsed, panicked; shocked at what I saw and read .

I had my Shunt on the 15th and started talking on the 18th of February 2012, and I started to grab some words all over again; my re-learning.

On the 3rd of April 2012; when this video was put out by my Eldest Sister or my Youngest Sister; just two days after my April Fools Birthday, and after the 40 days when I was trying to learn to talk after the shunt, my brain was going through a lot of healing and I was mixing up the language and I was constantly repeating myself and I have Aphasia!
I couldn't remember my Birthday that year, but the sadness is that my family were having fun out of me and doing a video of me SWEARING and showing the whole world my abominable language on a video!
That is their LOVE!
God Bless Them for that, I'll hold my shoulders up high for finding this cruelty towards me.............

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with Wednesday Phillips, Monty Otf Phillips, May Quinn, Katie Turnbull Was Odriscoll and Pauline Quinn at Northern General Hospital.Like · · Stop Notifications · Share · 3 April 2012
I wonder if the video can be heard now!
It could still be on Privacy; you never know!!!

I'll be back on the blog later once the tears stop!

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