Saturday, December 7, 2013

Putting It Out There!

I was in a group of three plus me at my Creative Writing Class.........
Did I have any brain was tired and muddled that night.
I did say........yes, yes, yes!
As they quickly wrote this in class with so much ease.......
I thought........This Is Me!

                                                              PUTTING IT OUT THERE

I will not go gracefully into old age!
I will kick and squeal and cause a rampage!
Shake my booty, make the most of my asset
(That begins with 'ass', so you can guess what that is).

I will not give a hoot about bingo wings,
Or double chins or somesuch things
That would clamp my style or spoil my day-
No, I'll dress as I like, and laugh and play
And flirt and tease (ignoring stiff knees)
And question and learn and do as I please!

I won't wear long cardies or stretchy-band waists,
Or appliqued jumpers or necklaces placed
On bosoms encased in non-weired beige
(or not encased, that terrible next stage),

Or hiking sandals bought from Clarks
Or thick tan tights that trap surprise farts-
I won't wear cagoules or own a plain brolly
Or lace-up brown shoes or a pull-along trolley,
Or knickers that cover more than they show
Or necklines not cut charmingly low.

But I will dress to please and titivate
And always be happy and breathlessly late
And let my clothes tell you just who I am-
A slice of fine mutton as tasty as lamb!

These writing friends know me so well....

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