Saturday, May 27, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Wednesday 17/05/17

It was lovely to see the rain arrive and the volunteers had organised a watering system. They connected the guttering on the edge of the caravan roof and placed some down pipes that went into the bulk water container then fitted a water hose on the tap outlet and as it rained the water trickled straight into the newly constructed wildlife pond.

An Inspire Community Garden trustee spoke to the local Fire Station and asked for assistance to fill up the wildlife pond so I think all angles have been covered about getting water for the pond just in case the weather remains dry for some time.
It would be wonderful if we could complete the pond task and have all the final touches done of placing the wildlife plants and any water plants needed to encourage birds to the area.

There was a compost delivery for seeding, potting, tubs, baskets, landscaping and for sale.

Even although it's a "dreek" day there's still smiles all around.

This is the first bloom from the Clematis donation I gave to the Inspire Community Garden and long may it bloom and spread around the Composting Toilet.
(Oops! I think I need to do some weeding around the Clematis roots next time!)

Work still goes on in the Potting Shed

The seedlings then go over to the poly tunnel to grow with the heat that comes from the tunnel.
Plants are doing well growing in the poly tunnel and it's great to see the start of the Clementine and Peach fruit trees as they grow.



The growth of the potatoes and the new foliage from the grape vine.

A new shelf was constructed in the double greenhouse.

The caterpillars keep to a routine constantly. They seem to change their home to the nearest nettle once they've lived and fed on the previous nettle. They seem to leave some little black dots or grit behind.

New shoots break through the soil.

I've never seen so many happy faces on a drab & dreek day!

 There always time to stand and talk about the garden on a Wet, Wet, Wet, "Dreek Day!"

The wicker chair is still looking for the last wee "tweeks" to the sitting arrangement.

                                                        To Be Continued...............................

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Boythorpe Spring Festival

It was wonderful that Inspire Community Garden received an invitation to join the Boythorpe Spring Festival and have a space to promote the garden on their Spring Community Day.

We took potting trays, pots, compost, and growing seeds of beans and sunflowers for anyone who was interested in growing plants or vegetables.
It was lovely to see many pots filled with sunflowers so I decided to have my face painted as a Sunflower too!

I looked at the Climbing Wall and then went into deep thought ?!?
I said "How hard can this be as these wee children can do it so easy?"
That's the hardest move I've ever taken.............
My fingers froze when held onto the grips and I was only about 4 foot or 50 inches high and the person in charge actually put his arm over to my back and asked me to let go and the rope will lower me down but could I unfreeze my fingers........ Nope!
I'll give this a miss the next time!

Steve was clever and lowered the camera to make me look like I'd climbed high up the wall but in the picture you can see the top of three bent fingers that was holding me up!

Now; this is no fear!

Now that was a great achievement of Climbing The Wall!!!

One of the visitors asked why the sunflower had a small seed center as it should cover the whole nose so I went and corrected the central seed pad of the face sunflower.

It's the end of the day and we say our goodbyes and I can't wait until the paint washes off the face!

                                                        To Be Continued..............................

Inspire Community Garden - Weaving Wicker Chair 11/05/17

I came to the garden straight from college and decided to tidy up the new growth on the Wicker Chair and do more weaving to create a roof  over the seating area.

 We seem to be so fortunate with the good weather every time we're on the land.


Many Thanks to Lindsey for the photographs.
                                                       To Be Continued............