Saturday, May 6, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Weeding in Tandem

Wednesday Afternoon Session.............

I noticed that the volunteers were working the land in tandem all together in a rhythm of their own.
in tandem    
  1. 1.
    alongside each other. 
  1. 1.
    a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound.

It would be interesting to know how this movement started as they were all working on the same plot of land and it was only by accident taking the picture that I managed to capture what they were doing.
I showed the picture to all the volunteers and they were as surprised as myself???

Today we received another donation left at the gate and Many Thank's to the Donator!

The raised bed is getting some earth to fill the space before anything is seeded or planted.
I look forward to see what happens in this structure.

The new growth of a Clematine as it starts to grow.

There is also the start of a Peach as it grows.

Discussions of the day's work to be done.

Talks about when and where the next seedlings go to on the plot.

Wednesday tea break.

 More work done at "The Potting Shed"

More work done on the step and the base of the new greenhouse.

The end of a session on the garden

Thursday Evening Session..........

Next donation was an uprooted Oak tree so I looked up the internet to find out about replanting a tree and let's hope it can re-root again.

Can an Uprooted Tree Be Replanted? | Home Guides | SF Gate › Garden › Soil Care

When a tree is uprooted, potentially serious damage occurs to the root system, the crown and in some cases the trunk as well. Trees spread their roots deep and ...

Digging started for the Oak tree as this will be a great addition being next to the Wildlife Pond.

Lots of water was given to the tree and I look forward to see it getting stronger and healthier every day.
More seedlings were potted.

I'm constantly amazed at how far this garden has grown in such a short time of one year!

The lining was stapled in the raised bed to protect the wood from any rotting due to the wet soil and the greenhouse step was almost completed.

The Produce for sale is different types of Tomatoes which have been put into pots with pictures and
details of each tomato ready for sale from visitors.

Berries are starting to take shape in the Soft Fruit Cage.
The Strawberries are looking well and healthy.

Another good end to the day @ Inspire Community Garden.

                                                         To Be Continued..........

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