Monday, May 1, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - May Day @ Chesterfield Market

It was an early morning start to setup the market stall for the bank holiday May Day event.
On offer today was different types of Tomatoes including; Sweet Million, Cour di Bue/(Oxheart), Marmande, Moneymaker. I never knew that there was so many different varieties of tomatoes.
There was also Geraniums, Strawberries along with Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon & Pineapple Mint.

I took along my fold-up deck chair as there was no way I could stand up all day long.

As we stood and looked at the stall display there was a comment made:
"Bye the way; I've brought in a few extra bags just incase!........."
Yikes!!! I thought.........
I was on a new journey to see if we could get any assistance with our bag dilemma and my first port of call was Tesco; our BIG bag dilemma faded away in minutes as they donated some paper bags for our charity Inspire Community Garden.
The BIGGEST THANK YOU to TESCO METRO @ Pavements Shopping Centre, Chesterfield.

I couldn't believe the assistance given to us with this gift and the biggest smile to boot.

Steve was over the moon with the speedy recovery of our bag dilemma.
I wandered around the other stalls and stopped to listen to Toby Perkins MP and the other speakers.

While sitting down I noticed a tutor from Chesterfield College and stood up to chat and take a selfie.

It was lovely to see customers with their purchases in the donated Tesco bags.

It's been great to see lots of the plants going to a new home.

I noticed Dan and took another selfie and thought; Why do I pull my chin into my shoulders to exaggerate that double chin and the next picture was to hold the head straight and not throw the head back and it seemed to work this time but how long will that last Eh!

More Thank You's to Tesco Metro for helping us to keep the customers happy with the paper bags.

The stall next to us was for the NHS and it's people like Val who campaigns for the NHS
"I'm still breathing and living my life every day due to the care from all the Doctors; Nurses and my Neurosurgeon after a brain trauma.

A teeny weeny amount of produce left over after the day of advertising Inspire Community Garden.
I look forward to next years event........

                                                               To Be Continued........................

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