Monday, May 15, 2017

A Busy Weekend ~ Labour Club, Neurocare Head Start, Inspire Community Garden

Saturday 6th May 2017
I attended an Election Social evening at Chesterfield Labour Club in the company of  Toby Perkins MP where many stories were told which kept us in good humour and laughing all night long.

Sunday 7th May 2017

It's good to see the usual faces I've seen over the last 5years @ Head Start.
It's always wonderful to see McNige and the Neurocare Trustee  when I arrive for the 5k walk.
It's always full of humour & cheer with fancy dress and silly faces.

 Christine was finding any way to avoid the Selfies!

Where's Wally!
The theme for Team Chris

I've never seen so many dogs joining in on a fancy dress theme of Where's Wally?

The creator of ROSA robot badge for Neurocare Charity.
"Nae bother Big Man!"
(another Scotsman)

Christine is doing some arm movements as she will Fly around the course and Alan finds a good view of the finish line as he takes in the whole atmosphere of the Head Start event.

Alan needed some refreshment as he was exhausted with all the excitement of the day.

The 10k runners finished the course so it was time for the 5km runner/walkers to gather at the new starting line.

There is so much effort put into all the fancy dress costumes and Cruella Deville from Disney's 100 Dalmations hit my funny bone.

Christine is walking in front of me to encourage me to move forward with walking and (hopefully) to catch-up with her on the walk.
She slows down instead of me catching-up Oop's!
Even the "wee dogs" walk faster that me - How did that happen?

Christine gives indication to the road surface for me to analyse the movement over the road hump.

We bypass the finish line and continue as there is still a smaller circuit to do for the 5k.

 Alan takes pictures and Christine collects more water to refresh our thirst.

I still managed to snap this water scene whilst still walking.

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It's lovely to see the runners and walkers making a day out of it with a picnic.


I sat down, had my packed lunch and decided to sit down for the majority of time left at the garden as my legs were  weary and exhausted and I'd now been walking in the slowest walk motion.

They were doing a class on making an Insect Hotel.

I received a wonderful gift of Cosmos mixed flower seedlings for my garden at home.


Volunteers arrived for a tour of the garden.

They were told about the construction of the wildlife pond and showed the outline and depth levels given to the pond.
The next step was to line the base of the pond before the pond liner was put into place.

The garden is starting to look more structured with the new pathways.

Carpet pieces was the next step to be a barrier between the earth and the liner of the pond.

The pond liner goes on top of the carpet barriers.

A weed repellent membrane has been put down between the strawberry plants and lets hope the strawberry crops will take nourishment from the earth and not shrivel where weeds take control.

Decorations and furnishings were allocated and placed to all the levels at The Inspire Insect Hotel.
"Let's hope the insects enjoy their stay!"

I'm so amazed that the wildlife birds when feeding come so close to us when we're on the land.

                                                   To Be Continued..................

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