Thursday, May 11, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - SplishSplash/Water/Caterpillars14/05/17

Water has arrived........what a sight for sore eyes!

I've never been so happy to see a puddle of water in the middle of the new wildlife pond!

More planting was underway.

New shoots are appearing from the earth.

Potatoes are growing well.

I'll look to see who stays at the Insect Hotel in the next few months.

I thought that putting white netting up for the ceiling rather than painting could be brighter (as someone said; it's a bit like a Harem!)
I like it and hope others like it too! (fingers crossed!)

Still got a bit  more weaving to do on the Wicker Chair roof.

It's wonderful to see many new faces arriving at the garden on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

More plans being done for the wildlife pond area!

It's time to for a "Wee Blether and a Cuppa Tea!"

The next erected greenhouse had a ramp placed for flooring materials

With the reflection on the glass; it looks like there are "Trees" working in the "Potting Shed!"
(Hey, still got humour!)

A Bird House was fixed onto the trunk of a tree and I think it will be interesting to watch the movemet that happs wuth the movement in life

It's always lovely to work and communicate with neighbours, as they keep my spirits high.


Sue noticed a catterpillar nest; the next thing to do was to take pictures for the cataloge of the land 

Another good day at Inspire Community Garden; To Be Continued.................

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