Friday, September 30, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - last summer evening session

What a beautiful sunset for our last evening session on the garden.

Tree felling evening.

Giving the tree trunk a hand to fall correctly.

The trunk falls correctly....
I've never seen anything like this in my life before so it's been pretty cool to watch this tree felling happen in action.

One of the lovely things about being with this group is that we don't rely on having a mobile phone as an extension to the arm and hand combination.
In this day and age are we really losing the act of communication?
Technology is a magnificent piece of work as I can now talk through the science of technology.
I now have a shunt in the head but do people really know how to communicate or has people in this world decided to live their lives by their Social Media Lifestyle?
I've been out for a cuppa and all they do is click, click, click as they are on all sorts of media attractions but as much as I love the media attractions I do have a time and a place to use it.
I don't use my phone as a WiFi escape, it's there for calls the occasional photo's and text.....simple...
I use a Hudle for great photos, Solitaire & Majhong games keeps the brain active; no Wi Fi either!

Technology: greatly respect.

Inspire Community Garden - Peaceful & Tranquil Sunday 25th September 2016

Sunday lunch sitting under the tree with a beautiful view of the garden in progress - priceless!
Little things like this; is what life is all about.......
Sitting in silence and viewing the beauty that is now surrounding you; it gives your heart a boost as you have assisted in creating a peaceful tranquil area in our lives.

"I uprooted this trunk ALL by myself.......(no kiddin')?"
I do have a good imagination....... Do you think I'll get away with that line?

Look how big the courgette gets next to my foot.
Does a courgette become a watermelon?
Maybe so!

Colourful Borlotti Beans ready to pick.

With this tree bark I'm thinking to look up and try to make an insect hotel;
3 *star accommodation for sure!


I started looking at all the shapes of the trees trunks, bark and movement of growth to the branches.

People do say: "Silence is Golden"
When all is working hard on the soil there's never a need to talk as "Silence is Golden"