Friday, September 30, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Peaceful & Tranquil Sunday 25th September 2016

Sunday lunch sitting under the tree with a beautiful view of the garden in progress - priceless!
Little things like this; is what life is all about.......
Sitting in silence and viewing the beauty that is now surrounding you; it gives your heart a boost as you have assisted in creating a peaceful tranquil area in our lives.

"I uprooted this trunk ALL by myself.......(no kiddin')?"
I do have a good imagination....... Do you think I'll get away with that line?

Look how big the courgette gets next to my foot.
Does a courgette become a watermelon?
Maybe so!

Colourful Borlotti Beans ready to pick.

With this tree bark I'm thinking to look up and try to make an insect hotel;
3 *star accommodation for sure!


I started looking at all the shapes of the trees trunks, bark and movement of growth to the branches.

People do say: "Silence is Golden"
When all is working hard on the soil there's never a need to talk as "Silence is Golden"

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