Sunday, September 4, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Inspire visitors Sunday 4th September

It's been lovely to see today's Inspire Community Garden visitors with more donations and looking at the work we all do on the land and I spoke about how this volunteering has been great therapy for me.

The first Sunflower is starting to bloom, they were late at planting but I'm hoping we'll have a good show of yellow faces in the sky.

Pumpkins are getting bigger and brighter and the Sunflowers are reaching to the sun in the sky.

The second frame of the greenhouse was put up today.

Love doing my Facey/Selfie with laughter.

Another pathway is being created.

Herbs are potted for the Inspire Community Garden Harvest Open Day on Sunday 18th September.

We seem to be lucky with the weather on the days we come to Inspire Community Garden.
The sun always shines....

I wonder why there's always a perfect white circle that appears when the sun is involved in a picture?

A tree root to come out.

Another good day had by all @ Inspire Community Garden.

To Be Continued.................

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