Monday, August 21, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Bumblebee & Butterfly 20/08/2017

The flying bumblebee with legs filled up with pollen from the sunflowers

Sunday is always a good day to have a wander around the garden.
Visitors always seem to enjoy looking at the wildflower area.

You can see the bumble bee flying above the top left sunflower leaf in the picture above!

A Sunflower holds it's head high above the rest.

The first harvested nectarine was shared and this fruit got a big thumbs up for taste from all.

I hope this large weed is the Scotch Thistle which forms a flat rosette and named Cirsium vulgare.

Factsheet - Cirsium vulgare (Spear Thistle) - Lucid Key
Cirsium vulgare has medicinal properties and can be used as "survival food" if necessary. However, these uses cannot compensate for this plant's overall ...

This white butterfly flew into the soft fruit cage and needed to be set free.
It looks like the small White Cabbage Butterfly.

White Cabbage Butterfly @ Inspire Community Garden


                                                           To Be Continued................