Monday, August 14, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Wild Flower Knowledge 13/08/2017

Work continued within the garden as the volunteers were turning over soil, doing weeding and bringing in the produce that was ready to be picked. There was going to be a workshop on wild flowers in the afternoon and I was looking forward to learn more about these plants.

Getting information about plants that are good to chew for taste then to spit it away.
This plant tasted more like a cucumber from the juice that came from chewing.

The next plant that was found was the 'White Deadnettle'
It looks like the nettle that stings the skin but you can touch it and it doesn't sting you.
The other lovely thing about the White Deadnettle is that if you pick the flower off this nettle and turn it upside down the flower becomes a Fairies Shoe.
(I think fairies do live in a garden!)

One of the good things of taking the pictures is that; sometimes I miss the task of painting!
Today's task was to paint the inside of the caravan and I think if I did do that task I would have had more paint on myself instead of the ceilings and walls; so lucky me!

A new Teepee was built.

There was additional seating organised and placed as she sat and waited for the arrival of the guest.

To Be Continued................

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