Sunday, January 29, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Tree Felling Sunday

Some wood was being cut into size for the kindling to be used in the log burner.

There was a layer of thick rubber filled with bark shavings that was put down on the steps/pathway.

The steps were now becoming proper steps to walk on top of and not the muddy incline that we were used to walking through............Happy Days!

It was another day of tree felling at the bottom of the plot.

It was lovely to see more clearing at the bottom of the plot.

I then had a wee look inside the Composting Toilet and took the window measurements then spoke about curtains and the height of the unit that I had requested and low&behold it was the rough idea starting to take shape in real life.

Then we discussed the facial expressions to be used when looking at the colour's I may use on the walls and unit to brighten this room....

There was another area found that looked like a brick floor.

I'm liking these steps.......

Home Time.......
                                          To Be Continued.................................

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Potato Day Opening

I arrived at the Potato Day shop for 09:30am and prepared myself for the tea-making marathon that I was about to begin.
I looked around and then I thought;
"Am I shrinking in height and receiving more creases the older I get?"

I boiled the kettle and started to take the orders for tea and coffee with some biscuit assortments.

I got the hot drinks on the go and seen that the Councillor Shirley Niblock team had prepared their Potato & Leek Soup and some boiled potato's with the skin on that had crushed salt & pepper finish for taste.
I thoroughly enjoyed both soup and potato and couldn't resist taking another potato: just for the Taste Test!
(Do you think I may have got away with the Taste Test comment? I may just boil some potatoes when I get home!)

I got to work; like being back in hospitality that I did before and took MP Mr Toby Perkin's coat and made him a hot cuppa tea before his opening speech to the volunteers from Transition Chesterfield.

I followed Shirley as she walked out of the shop with a tray filled with the warm soup for the queue that was waiting outside.
Brrrrr! It was cold outside and I was so touched to see that all these people were waiting to get into the shop for their various potato range and other seeds to grow back at home or on their allotments.

I never thought that when having a garden or an allotment and to grow plants and vegetables that you will eat when they grow would has brought so much happiness and therapy for me on the journey that I take.

This Potato Day has been done for the last 9 years and I look forward to watch my own vegetable seeds grow as I'll enjoy the produce that I can eat at home.

There was a slight movement happening from Chris and I think I had better get back to my position as being The Tea Lady!

 I managed to get the last potato which was the great ending to a busy Potato Day in Chesterfield.

A wonderful day filled with unexpected meetings.

What a big transformation in this room at the end of the Potato Day.
                                                            To Be Continued..........................................