Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - The Log Fire Aflame

 Another lovely Sunday and all volunteers are keen and eager to work on the land in the garden.
Would you ever have thought that when you were a younger person, that as age creeps upon us, that we would be Happy being a Volunteer on a piece of land where there was a Creative Imagination to turn over the soil, creating steps and spreading manure on an area in the land in preparation for the next things to be planted and grown in this garden?
This was a great vision to nurture the land and yourself!

Aflame - definition of aflame by The Free Dictionary

passionate - having or expressing strong emotions. 2. aflame - lighted up by or as by fire or flame.

The composting toilet is starting to look very good.

The log fire was ready to light up and spread warmth in the van.

The chimney is smoking and the fire alight.

Oh Happy Day's!

This is the record of the Orchard Trees that shall be growing on the Inspire Community Garden.

I'm starting to create an Insect Hotel for myself before I build the Insect Hotel for Inspire Garden.

Materials are cut to size for my first attempt to build the hotel, so fingers crossed!
I think the Hotel should have quite a few floors with lots of different sized rooms to accommodate all the little insects; this will protect them from the cold and support them in the warm "snuggly" areas.

The Poly-Tunnel looks like it needs a little piece of TLC in re-attaching the lower side cover.
I've now got the new position of "The Gaffer's Assistant"


Another beautiful ending to a beautiful day at Inspire Community Garden.

                                    To Be Continued.............................

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