Sunday, January 15, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Sunday's Tree Planting

This was the earliest time I have ever arrived in the garden on a Sunday morning as I wanted to be there to record all that was being done for the tree planting.

My post today was the Tea-Lady, Window Cleaner & Photographer.
It was a very cold damp morning so the log burner was put on and I started to prepare the tea's and coffee's for any volunteer who needed warmth of the fire and a hot drink.

(Well it was a good excuse for me to stay in the caravan out of the rain!)

They were working out the names and styles of trees and where the trees get planted.

The holes were dug out in squares so that the tree roots had more movement to grow.

I surprised myself and made them all a hot cuppa to have as they stood outside in the rain, and it wasn't even the lunch break! It was worth the effort as they all appreciated the hot drink.

Work continues on the composting toilet.

I'm sitting down in the THRONE ROOM to look at the VIEW before the walls are painted and the curtains go up.

After all the months that we've been working in the garden on a Sunday, there was only once in the spring last year that we were rained out and drenched so we had to leave early and go home.

Even although it was cold and wet today, we now have the facility to give us all the shelter, warmth and a hot cuppa to keep the chill at bay.

We have been very, very lucky with the weather for the last 10 months; so let's hope it continues......

I was lucky enough to be taken home in the Electric car again; it's pretty funky & cool...

To Be Continued...............


  1. hi Pauline, we're sorry we missed u guys yesterday ( I had a work shift). Wow all the tree planting is looking good its a brilliant place.......... even in the rain .C U next time.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed to look at the pictures of the new mini fruit orchard that's been planted. It will be wonderful to watch the trees grow and bear fruit.

  2. Long day (09.30 to 14.30+) but we hope the end result will be well worth it. 24 trees arrived, only 2 to plant in the polytunnel and we're done. Brilliant to have so many people come and help out in the cold and wet and wind. Thanks to everyone.

    1. It was a long day had by all and it was amazing to watch the tree planting and see people smile outside in the rain as they drank their hot tea's and coffee's.