Monday, January 23, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - All Hands on Deck for Potato Day

On Sunday (22nd) we worked normally (10am to 3pm) and were holding a SEED & ALLIUM PACKING AFTERNOON (1pm to 3pm) in preparation for the big POTATO DAY EVENT on SATURDAY 28th JANUARY at THE PAVEMENTS SHOPPING CENTRE, CHESTERFIELD.

It was a bitterly cold Sunday as we were doing the seed and allium packing in the caravan.

Hot drinks were on tap as Steve took the position of the hot-drink maker and believe me; the hot drinks were needed!

There was scales galore as we weighed each package for the Potato Day.

All the packages were ticked off the list so it was a good day had by all.

Outside there was work done with the cherry trees which showed great design with the inner rings.

After all the work was done I sat by the fire for a heat before we went home.

                                                          To Be Continued.............................

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