Monday, August 29, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Sunday To Inspire

 A new area to turn over, what great soil that was hidden under the overgrown plants and brambles.

Preparing the area for the Greenhouse.

More bean picking.

Preparations for the Wishing Well.

Turning over land where the Broad Beans were.

Tree branches were trimmed back for the build of the greenhouse.


 2X posts are set for the Wishing Well.

The Pumpkins are getting bigger with some vibrant orange colouring of it's skin
This Courgette plant is still producing the vegetable alongside the French Bean

What wonderful people we have living on our doorstep in this Community of Chesterfield.
They have been Inspired to drop off some more donations to this Project, every donation Inspires us all to move forward with this Community Garden and what a great transformation can be seen by all who visit us with their donations.

Even "I" scratched my head at this moment when these wonderful people who we don't even know came along with more garden donations, I'm happily amazed at how big peoples hearts really are....

I decided to take our guests on a tour around the Poly Tunnel, the Sunflower plants and vegetable areas of the garden we are working on.

I then showed them the Beetroot that's left for me to make some Beetroot Brownies for the Harvest Open Day and invited them to our event.

Pumpkins & Leeks

Knowing a fellow Scot makes me feel like I'm back home.

Discussions of "What's Next!"

Obviously a previous resident on this land would have played the game of "Naughts & Crosses!"

Sometimes; you just need to look at the hand signals being made along with the words being said of a vision in their future, and then it comes alive.

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected avenues in our lives.
A volunteer team member from Inspire Community Garden gave me some beautiful broken pieces of glass which gives out colour; she has given me more inspiration to make something from these pieces of glass for my College Summer Sketchbook Project or to make some jewellery as she knows I did Silversmithing too!

How far does:
being Inspired go!,
or your Inspiration go to!,
or some Inspirational thoughts go to travel around the brain,
or does it just continue with no stopping so it's continual as your inspiration to create something frequently happens regularly?

My neighbour has inspired me to follow his Inspiration to make a Wishing Well.

I showed the picture of the Wishing Well to the Tree Feller who then came down from the limbs of the tree to catch some of his Inspiration. Then suddenly he started on the posts for the Wishing Well which I was Inspired to create for the garden. Later that day when I got home I showed my neighbour the pictures of the first step of the Wishing Well......
How Far Does Inspiration Travel.........?

Then the neighbour went indoors for a few minutes and came out with this!.........

Inspiration Travels; he's going to create a handle for our Wishing Well @ Inspire Community Garden.

Inspiration Continues @ Inspire Community Garden..............To Be Continued..........