Friday, August 12, 2016

Polytunnel Frame & visit from University Tutors

The Polytunnel Frame arrives.

Another busy day for the volunteers.
The first thing I seen when I arrived at Inspire Community Garden was the frame for the Polytunnel.
The potatoes at the top of the plot were growing well, but it was tough to turn over the smallest area of earth.

The central part of the plot is where the majority of work continues as it's more level and easier to turn over the soil.
The water system that they created is working well at collecting the rainfall and we can now water the newly parched plants as they're rooting themselves into the land.
It was good to see the level of water collected as we now don't need to bring continuous plastic bottles of water from our homes.

This was my very first sight of the 1st archway frame standing upright all by itself.
This was exciting............ Yeehaaaaaaa!

I moved closer for a better view.........

It was great to see how fast the vegetables were growing.

The healthy herb garden.

More pictures are being taken of the sweetcorn.
It will be quite interesting to see how high the sweetcorn shall grow.

                                                                 The potato plants

It was time for tea and a wee talk about putting the polytunnel up.

The polytunnel frame completed and I was offered a lift home. This was the biggest first time I've ever heard of, seen and now been in an electric car. I did say "I can't hear the engine?"
How cool was that!

The next week; this garden had a visit from some of the university tutors who were in Chesterfield.

To Be Continued........

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