Monday, August 8, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Leaps & Bounds

It was a beautiful evening and not too hot for the work to be done.

There was a tree root that was loosened and released from the earth to help create a walkway through some beautiful trees.
When you ever have time to look up at the trees that surround you it's pretty peaceful and tranquil when all you can hear is the leaves movement in the slightest breeze and the sound of the bird perched on the branch chirping away as the sun is about to set.

To me, I feel that weeding has been paramount for the vegetables that are growing.
I gaze over the plot and see where my time is best spent for the next 2 hours and then I place the seat where I shall weed.
I've become a yo-yo weeder; I bend down and pick up a weed then sit and rest, then bend down, pick up, sit, rest, bend down, pick up, sit, rest, bend, pick, sit, rest, bend, pick, sit, rest.....yo-yo-ing weeder.
Is this a Dictionary word?

The Herb Garden is starting to grow.

Everyone has designated what they'll do that evening and there is a beautiful atmosphere filled with energy as quietly the jobs gets done.

Rays of light gives the earth the last of the heat before the sun sets.
People do say that there's a "comfortable silence" and I feel that happens here, perfect silence as we work away.

You speak to discuss the planning and point out all the new things

I then take some selfies while discussions continue and use this time as a break from my yo-yo weeding with pleasure.

 Poles were put in for the runner beans.

I sat down for a well earned rest.

The earth was very dark at this part of the plot it was so rich and fine which is wonderful.

A delivery of two new water storage containers which will be a great benefit for the Polytunnel when it's up and running.

This is the new walkway through the trees.

The garden is starting to come together.

It's time to call it another good day........
To be continued..........................

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