Thursday, August 11, 2016

Inspire Community Garden.......Treasures Galore on 5th June 2016

Another Sunny Sunday.
We seem to get good weather every time we arrive at the garden; so are we very lucky or is it because it's summer-time?

More herbs were added to the enclosed area.

The ladybird wanders around the newly planted vegetables.
I then started to find some treasure, some relics of times-gone-by!

I then looked down to my feet and called over to the group that there was a circle of stone and asked "If this is a well, do you think that it takes you all the way down to Australia?"
They all laughed and came over with the spade to investigate this interesting piece of stonework as they were quite intrigued with this find.

It started to look more like a well, so the clearing continued to go down further in the circle.

It's interesting to see the photographic record of all that is found on the wasteland as it turns into the Inspire Community Garden.
It gives us more evidence of what was on the land before; we're now our own TIME TEAM!

Then we came upon a Metal Bin Lid in a Well???

Digging continued taking turns to see just how far down the well went?

Then we found more treasures in the well....

Could this find be of interest to an archaeologist?
The artistic brown medicine bottle still has the cork stopper in place; it could be worth millions?
The sea-blue colour on the Art Deco rectangle ceramic tile could have come from the kitchen in a stately home?
These relics could give us the idea of writing a story of times-gone-by?
Hand-made broken pottery, fine glass bottle, art deco tile, the area and size of the plot, just use your imagination and create a story from what you can see as the bottle could have survived an historical event of interest. There's no stopping!

To Be Continued.........

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