Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Is A Journey


We arrive at the start of our journey, we never know where the path will take us to.
There's a fine line between the heart and the head;
The heart is dealing with all your emotions but the head is trying to lead you in the right direction.
Do you go with your heart or your head???
That's a mystery to me; it's like being caught between the river and the deep blue sea.

They do say: that you can "Wish upon a Star"
That's where your emotions are attached to the star with all your dreams.
The HEART...
The Sun is one of the stars, it brightens our life and gives us colour into our journey.

A solar system refers to a star and all the objects that travel in orbit around it. Our solar system consists of the sun - our star - eight planets and their natural satellites (such as our moon); dwarf planets; asteroids and comets. Our solar system is located in an outward spiral of the Milky Way galaxy.

Taken on train journey to Glasgow with Alan Quinn.

After the bump in my life whilst doing this journey, I've become more aware of all our surroundings.
It's not often that you have a second chance in life and to see all the wonderful sights that it holds.
They do say; that there's a "Pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow"
That pot of gold could be a gold pot full of wisdom.
The HEAD...
If you look closely you can see the 2nd rainbow slightly higher than the first, is that more wisdom!

Taken on way to Art class.

They do sing:  "Dancing in the Moonlight"
You can open your eyes and capture the wonders in this world.
It's not often that you get to see the Moon in daylight; so you can dance in the moonlight in the day.

 Taken with Christine Burns as we danced in the daytime moonlight.

The Journey continues.....