Monday, November 25, 2013

Shopping's Done, The Shoe Box Appears, A Surprise arrives then it's Author Emma Pass.

The 2nd half of this shopping SSS day.

Once we puchased most of our pressies we had an extra job for us to do after lunch.

This is my lunch every week with my name Pauline the Scott
 This makes me giggle every week with my name. Well, I find it very funny.

We watched the video.
Tom the Chairman informed us about the X-Mas Shoe Boxes.


I never knew about The Christmas Shoe Box.
After the shopping and lunch it was time for the Christmas Shoe Boxes.
We had to Christmas decorate the shoe box and fill it up with presents  and sticker it "For a Boy or a Girl".
These boxes will travel abroad with the Refugee Volunteers all over the world.
It's nice to wish a Merry Christmas to others who recieve nothing at this time of year.
Great happiness.
 A smile in return means so much more to me.
I'm so happy that I can see the happiness that these children go through whatever trauma is happening around them all.

From Us; A shoebox is a small gift out of our time, energy, and pennies for the toys.
From Them; Happiness in return.
Showing off his gifts with a smile,

Toys for the Shoe Boxes
The Refugee Volunteer enjoying the happiness.

Everyone got busy for the Shoe Box Gift Jobs.

Decorating my box.

Tom the Chairman tells us a story

A busy day for us all.

Katies Cakes with Katie and Zoe, another inside shop stall.

Katie on my right and Zoe on my left, Me and cakes............... again!
Do you know that when you have a Brain Injury all the nerves in the brain have been moved about all over the place, here, there & everywhere! For me anyway!
It was on the telly this morning with twins who have gone into medecine.
They done some actual physical work for us to see on the telly where you had to close your eyes and guess what food was placed on your tongue.
Neither of them worked out what was placed on their tongue, maybe my nerves are crossed in the brain and as far as I know "I eat nothing Bad!" How silly is that,......but truthful to me!
"Did I have a cake or biscuit today......?"  I say NO but I really mean YES!
My brain seems to be going through A DENIAL............SHIT!
I'm about a pound below 14 stone.......Shit, crap, bugger! When will it all come together properly........!

 Nice cakes....but I daren't eat anything with sugar, lots and lots of sugar.
This is smiling Jake, Katies son and he made me smile too.


I usually use my camera for pictures; very rarely do I run out of battery UNTIL...........
I found the last of my Shoe Box pictures and a couple of more pictures on the phone here I go.

Great moving pictures;
The 5km Walk around Rother Valley Park for NEUROCARE CHARITY in April then...

Then CIRCLE OF TWO with bambolino and dodo...... in August

Then....the gift to Kefae Francis after my trip to see Mr Patel in Hallamshire Hospital in August.

This was the Abseiling in June.

Then the SUN followed me everywhere; pretty cool actually in August

After all the moving pictures which has astounded me....
Now I walked by The Town Hall, the big white house.
I saw the red poppies and moved closer for a  look at them.
It's a nice time to remember all who have gone.
I got down on my knees as I couldn't read the cards so far away.
It's nice to know that they are all still remembered.


I tried to get up; but I couldn't.

A lady came quickly over to me and asked if she could help me up on my feet then she added a "please".
What a lovely lady.
She's Menha from Jamacia and works in the Stroke Department in Chesterfield Hospital.

Thankyou for your kindness towards me.
ThanX Beautiful Lady. XXX

Now back to date on The Shoe Box Gift;


That's the last part of my day with a few surprises in between.

Later that day I went to my Creative Writing Class with another surprise it was Emma Pass.
Emma Pass is an Author who has written "ACID"

Author Emma Pass


Author Emma Pass & Writing Tutor Andrew Stuart

Questions & Answers in the room

Creative Writing Group

Tutor Andrew gave us knowledge about writing
Emma read from the first Chapter of Acid then she went onto when she started writing and the age she was.
I was so surprised with Emma that she kept hold of all the pieces that she has ever written before.
Do you know that she has kept everything that she has written from as far as Primary School.
That is the love for words that she has which she allowed us to see that night.
That was so precious for us all to be part of her life and see into her youth when she started writing.
Could I go as far back as Primary or High School........Not me!
Could I use my imagination and write a fantasy story of any kind......Not me again.

Reading from Acid

Reading earlier writings

Speaking about writing and publishing

I told her she inspired people to write and that she kept all her writings too.

Doing the signature.

WoW....Emma signed my book.......WoWseR
We went for a cuppa, a chat and a giggle....ThanX Emma Pass

All the Creative Writing Group

Andrew Stuart, Emma Pass & Me

Emma Pass signature
 Now here is a funny thing; 
I always had pen-pals years and years ago,
When I finished my letter to my pen-pal in Germany I always signed my name and left 3 X's
That's just stuck in my head from yonks ago.
This is my 2nd signature with XXX, am I a groupie of Authors......?
Why do I ask for 3 X's.....any reason?
I don't know......Do U?

Normally I would tell you what this story is all about, but you know me and stories, I may start at the end, miss the middle and end on the start.
I bought my copy and I'll enjoy it.
I'll enjoy every single page with the words.
ThanX Emma Pass

The next book is out next year, can't wait.

They stole her life and she wants it back...........................Hmmmm!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Christmas Feeling......

It's now the 2nd week in November, the decorations had been put up for that Christmasy feeling in town.

A Modern X-Mas Tree

Coffee at No 10

I think you need a wee tidy up there, ladders...over there and put that...over there!
I was giving the 2 Pauls a wee nip & tuc for their PRO CHECK Electrical van.

Santa was out for the BBC Children In Need Appeal.

Here goes.............there was a great choice of X-Mas Shopping rather than having to trudge around the busy shops with tired feet in the cold and rain with a little glimmer of sunshine.
This is the best way for us to shop.
The SSS, Specialist Stroke Services are pampering us with their thoughts on how we would feel trudging along the wet busy streets. They bring the shops to us..... not us going to the shops.
This is a great way to think of things for us.......Hassle Free!
Most of the xmas shopping done and haven't reached a shop yet!
This is Fandabbydozy, Well Done SSS,
Hand Made Bathroom Soaps, Fizzy Bubbles, Colours are amazing and the smells are...Ahhhh Lovely.

This is Lorna Gaging and Lucy Taylor who work for Thorntons at Chesterfield, what a beautiful display they worked on for us all.
Hey girls, I can see loose chocolates.....Hmmmmm!

Lucy Taylor & Lorna Gaging

I needed to get a good look at what smelled so lovely

Smiling chocolate faces and me too!

There was a great variation for all ages.

Once the stalls were ready everyone started to make a move.
Thats for Jean, and Hilary, Ahh..Freddie! Nearly Done.

Ooh My niece.....

This inside shop was busy.

I seem to be in the right place for Thorntons chocolates......Hmmmm!

Individually wrapped up.......Fancy and Beautiful.

Hand designed soaps.

A great shopping day.

There's not much left after a great shopping day indoors.

ThanX Lorna & Lucy, catch up soon
What a great day to shop indoors, most of the shopping pressies done and not even missed our meeting day.
What will happen next time.............
No matter what; it'll be exciting...
Variety is the spice of life...