Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello Happy Halloween !?!?!?

Hello Happy Halloween !?!?!?
As I carry on to the end of October here's what has happened here in Chesterfield.

I popped into the Meadow Fresh Butchers, they help to keep me and so many others smile and laugh with their humour. Where did that spider come from.......and who lost their hand and why was the mouse sniffing around the butcherfood? I'll need to look into this............................!
 I had to find out who was up to their funny hand doings with mince!
I can't stop until I find the answers here?

A Double amount of sillyness humour with mince. ThanX Guys.

Has someone lost their HEID! Arrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh!

He points over to his other hand as he says "Ouch!!!"

This was a good spot to watch.

I finished at the Butchers then off to the Surgery.
The next 2 pictures is more chatty persons, we have a lot in common.
He was showing me the new system at the brand new Surgery, you know me.......Nosey!
Then the bus passenger from the week before! We recognised each other straight away.
We had a good old chitchat and showed off our brain injuries.
(Now SHHhhhhhh)
(This is hush, hush! I think; is it Paul? or Ian, what aboutFrank??? Me and names.....Sorry guys!)
Where did I put the paper with their names?

Proud of Brain Scars in the new Surgery

Great Brains.

Did someone fly past in the air?

Bobbies in Blue looking for air flyers and protecting us all.

I talk to the wonderful Lisa & Megan, Mother & Daughter.

Diane and I having a wee natter, we love to talk again.

We were all getting into a Happy Halloween. Chris adds to the laughter.

The organising team in flow.

Busy, and funny comments that day.

It was a very funny morning for us all.

He did Origami all by himself, me, I did pictures.

What's This!?!

This was a great Halloween Feast for all.

This was the Money Holder with the Boss

Me & Diane

Chris Adams from Leonard Cheshire Disability...We talk....A lot!

Chris and I had a "Good Ole Blether" about the Strokes. His dad had a process with the T.V. Shows, they had to be slow processing information......... or "Life In Slow Motion"
Mine was opposite,.........."Far Too Fast" Those two comments sound good for movies, or have they been!

After the Specialist Stroke Services we went for a wee natter in Cafe Nero and smiled with Wee Smiler.
Me, Plooks, What shall happen tomorrow!!! ..........Lets See!

Is this life a Nightmare..........!!!



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