Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Anniversary The Last Day of October 2013

I wandered through the Market on the last day of October 2013.
What sights to see....
This was Britain many years ago, how they lived then.

It was the 1st War times by all.

When you had the money it was Fur wraps for the ladies.

You had proper China teacups and saucers not like today when you get a mug of tea!

Even the Stall Holders were dressed like the WWF1
Control...Put me through to the Mayor and MP, this is Fandabbydozy!

Can you hear me!

Ooh, Ooh! .....They hear ME! Wowzers..........

What a great way for entertainment in The Market Square in Chesterfield.
I've never been in a town with so much entertainment at you feet, it's Brilliant.

Oops! Need the glasses off,,,,,

Ahh, That's better. The sun usually catches the glasses.

Yes Ma'am Pauline, What shall I do for you!

Orders taken Pauline, I'm off to do your wish.

The shoppers said; "It would be lovely to do all my wishes too...Aaahhhh!"

"Darn it!" as he tried to start the bike." Sorry Pauline....No wishes today, maybe another day."
This was the group today the 39-45 Allied Group

A friend from Killamarsh......Hi Guys, It's been a great chat, catch up another time.

I got caught putting a peck on his cheek!
 There was a soldier in the back of the Jeep, he had no legs! Huhhh!
I climbed up to talk to him...........

What! You realy said that!
Where's that scarf from, what team of footballers do you support!

I started to tell them that I was hungry and they dissappeared.
They got ready to leave.

As they were ready to go they said "Biscuit?"

A creat catch....Thanks All.
Then they left as I shouted "Great Biscuit, P.S. Mannequin looks great too!"
That was the best ever last day of October that I've ever experienced in my life.....I'm sure of that.
I wonder how many more towns or villages goes through this amount of extravaganza for their residents.
My eyes are peeled open now for the next extravaganza that I almost lost with my life.
I take every day with so much joy to be a part of these wonderful days.

I wonder what the next day brings..................

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