Sunday, April 24, 2016


I joined the group at the Inspire Community Garden to see the work that had been done over the last week and I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the steps that were being created last Sunday.

It was lovely to see the use of the felled trees and branches into the structure of the steps. There was a mixture of stones of all sizes and shapes for the top of each step as this part of the land was very steeply raised. 

Previously, we had to pull ourselves up with a tough strong rope to get further up the garden. I even had someone in front to pull me up and someone behind to push me forward but today I pleasantly walked up without any assistance; easypeasy!

I made my way up to the top of the garden then.........


A huge amount of clearing in this area already.

I'm very impressed with their strength and vision of how the garden will look in the future.

I spy with my little eye it's dinner-time.....
Packed lunches appeared on the table and it was rest time for the hard workers who had been there since early doors.

I noticed in the picture that Steve was talking to a gardener from the neighbouring allotment so I thought I'd have a look at what was across the fence and seen that there was rhubarb in one of the plots which took me back to my youth.
As a child we had rhubarb growing in the back garden along with lettuce, potatoes, onions etc.
I straight away remembered our rhubarb crumbles with ice cream or custard. Then I thought of all the other treats we would receive if we had been good when the ice cream van came round the street after tea-time. we could have an ounce of sweeties or an ice cream cone which in Scotland we would call it a Pokey Hat - with or without a flake.

This picture brought back great memories of youth from my childhood.

Charles offered to show me a route around the whole garden so that I could have a look at all the trees which will stay.
These trees will be the strength of the garden when planning.
The trees will also give shade which will help on sunny days for the areas being created.

There's so much planning.......

"A Christmas Tree"

This will be a fantastic feature for Christmas and I'm even thinking; should I make some baubles?

                                    Brambles galore to clear

P.S. To Myself; Don't wear woolies as trudging through the brambles!
Plus; watch your step! Oops!

Charles trudges onwards to the next clearing area.

I love to see wild flowers/weeds and when I mentioned that Sue's reply was perfect; "They're just growing in the wrong place." Touchet


I try to capture people unaware with a picture but I was caught in the act........

A new pathway being cleared.

This was the end of a busy day for all that toiled on the land.
Well Done to All


On my way home; the police were on call for the traffic as I heard the drums and brass music over any noise in the air.
My body did have a little movement to the music as waiting for the bus then I waved my hand when I saw the two faces that I missed today in the garden.

Event was the Cubs, Brownies, Guides & Scouts.

A good day had by all......

Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Chesterfield is Blooming"


On a bright sunny day the Mayor goes walkabout through the stalls in The Market area of Chesterfield, I appear to keep bumping into the town's Mayor's over the last 3 years!
 "It's Bloomin' Lovely!"
with the Mayor & Mayoress of Chesterfield

I put on a big smile and start talking about the Inspire Community Garden to any passer-by as this garden has already filled me with so much happiness; what a treat.

Fleur & Charles were busy with the stall.

And look who appeared again!
Yes, The Mayor & Mayoress

Sometimes pictures can tell a story without any words. It's time for the facey/selfie. I prefer the word facey as that's all that I can capture.

The Mayor has his own pictures taken for the event of Chesterfield is Blooming.

Nick and Steve spoke about the clearing of the overgrown green areas.
Catherine has discussions over the pictures on the stall about their visions of the Inspire Community Garden.

Inspiring conversations with Catherine.

Many Thanks to Andrew from Peters Shoemakers & Restorers for supporting us with this project and allowing me to put the advertisement on his window.

Many Thanks to Ollie from Magnolia Barbering for supporting us with this project and allowing me to put the advertisement on his window.

A good day out promoting the Inspire Community Garden.

                                                              To be continued..................