Monday, April 18, 2016

Neurocare Head Start to Inspire Community Garden

When people say "It all comes at the same time"  my answer is "Yes, it certainly does!"
My two favourite things came on Sunday 17th April 2016, walking for Neurocare's Head Start at Rother Valley Park and watching/helping the creation of  Inspire Community Garden Chesterfield.
If there's a will; there's a way so I thought I could do both on the same day........ How wrong was I...
Do I listen to the Dr's and Nurses when they say to me "Take a little step at a time"
"Me! A little step at a time? You must be joking!"
These days I always want things "yesterday"
I want to run before I can walk or even walk with a sprint in my step.
When will I learn?

I asked Catherine Clinton if she could take some time out from the Inspire clearing of the garden to drive me over to Rother Valley Park to enable me to join Neurocare's Head Start.
When I got dropped off inside the park you would have thought that I would start the walk on time; but not for me......
I always appear to be late for everything Yikes! Well, at least I got there.....
Well, I was 15 minutes late for the 5k walk time and Sophie from Neurocare Charity cheered me off the Start line.
I was the only person at the start line and suddenly I seen the runners of the 5k were whizzing past me as they ran across the Finish line. Oops! (I'm really late?)
Then I heard a familiar voice of Mc Nige through the microphone calling "Quinny, Quinny!"
I was the last person to start the walk and obviously the last person to cross the finish line.

Sophie from Neurocare Charity cheering me off.

Mc Nige joining me in a Selfie

I enjoyed the lovely scenery of the park on a bright and warm day in April.
I noticed the Ambulance in the distance had stopped and I hoped that all was well as it was always behind the last of the 5k walking group, I knew I'd find out if I caught up with them at some point.

Enjoying the beauty of the scenery and the sunshine on my face.

I may paint this scene in the future!
I then heard McNige talk as his voice was transferring across the water.
I looked across and seen the marquee and thought.....nearly there!
Then I caught up and passed the ambulance and they smiled as I walked past.
No drama there Phew!
Suddenly there was a motor engine running behind me so I looked backwards with the technology I had and noticed that the ambulance had it's flashing lights on but there was no rush to pass me by.
I had stepped off the road and moved onto the grass verge and I kept moving forward but there was still no sign of the ambulance passing me by?
What's going on here! I said.
They were actually waiting to see me cross the finish line.
Sophie looked down the path awaiting for my arrival.

She ran down to see what was happening as she saw the lights flashing from the ambulance alongside me.
I then had great support as Sophie decided to do the last bit of the walk with me over the finish line.

Many, Many ThanX to Margaret Mitchell wink emoticon
I look totally "Dun In" with help from Sophie, Neurocare assisting me across the finish line.

The last few meters were a mixture of rapid walking/jogging movements which surprised me as I lay on the ground when I crossed the line.

I'm OK!
I'm just catching my breath and resting for a moment.

I asked the gentlemen who were giving out the medals to take a picture of the Neurocare Team and myself.

I asked them what they were doing for Neurocare and the reply was...
"We're the Trustee's!"
I was Gobsmacked and said......

"C'mon and get into the pictures with us!"

A great morning for Neurocare Charity

The FINISH Line Yeehaaaaa!

Legs were getting rather weary by this time and I had to walk all the way up to the entrance of the park for Catherine to pick me up.
McNige then offered and drove me up to the entrance where I was getting collected from.
"What a relief! Thanks McNige"

Catherine arrived and brought me back to Chesterfield to join the group at Inspire Community Garden, she had made a picnic lunch to eat alfresco which boosted my energy. I got up out of the deckchair then I was showing off today's new colourful Neurocare medal.

I was very impressed when I looked at all the work they had achieved so far.

No shirkers here as they're putting their hearts into this project, you can actually feel the energy from them all.

Tree pruning @ Inspire Community Garden

They were looking for stones to create into steps in one particular area. The visions from the group are very creative in their minds and I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome.

I offered to help in the area that had just been turned over and he asked if I could pull out some of the weed roots?
I said "Yes, I can do that!" enthusiastically.
Did I realise about the effort of the bending over for this minuscule task? it was extremely small & tiny to do but to me it was huge.

I'm waving goodbye to all as "I'm Dun' In" (exhausted; need a nap!)

Charles offered to take me home as my energy and mental spirit was fading.......
I bent over too many times (about 10 bends to pull out weed roots/can you believe that! Ouch!)
I do laugh!
I should learn as I've been told too many times "a little step at a time!"

I got home and fully clothed, jumped straight into bed ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
3xhours later I woke up..........

It's Monday morning and I'm going nowhere...........

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