Thursday, August 18, 2016

Inspire Community Garden 14th August

My timing for arriving on a Sunday is pretty perfect, I arrive, we sit, we eat lunch, we talk...Perfect!
The conversation was about taking down 2 tree's & roots as they were not the healthiest of species.
The Christmas tree was one of them....Boohoo!

The water store tanks had to get a bit of a tweek in adjusting it's place at the polytunnel.


These very special volunteers are always at hand to do the heaviest physical work with the biggest smile on their face. (Many Thanks)

I seen a butterfly and asked what it was and the answer was it's a White Cabbage Butterfly.
I came home and went onto the internet and it says that the white cabbage caterpillars feed by eating holes in could that be where the holes have appeared in some of these potato leaves?

I looked at the BBC Gardening Advice and here is a piece from their page........


  • Inspect the undersides of leaves and remove any egg clusters.
  • Remove caterpillars by hand, particularly before cabbages begin to develop hearts.
  • Encourage insectivorous birds within the garden by using bird-feeders in winter and nest boxes in spring.
I wonder if we could put up a nest box?

It will be interesting to see how big this pumpkin will grow.


Bean picking
& 1st tree root coming out.

 Boohoo! this is the poor wee xmas tree that needs to come down.....

The xmas tree is down which brings a tear to an eye but it has given room for more great plans to happen.

This Garden Grows........

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