Friday, January 27, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Preparations for Potato Day

I arrived at the Low Pavements shop about 4:30pm and seen that everyone was busy preparing the stall tables for the potatoes and seeds to be sold. They were also making up the pre-booked orders that had been taken from Transition Chesterfield and the Transition group from Loughborough had arrived to make up their orders and take back home.
It was lovely to see that Councillor Shirley Niblock (who attended the Tree Dressing Day) had arrived to see the preparations for the Potato Day and she spent time talking to the volunteers.

The alarm went off in Low Pavements and all the shops had to vacate the shopping arcade until it was safe to re-enter.

The Transition Chesterfield banner was positioned on the wall.

28/01/2017 - Mr Toby Perkins MP shall be opening The Potato Day @ 10am

It's been a long day for all the volunteers and I look forward to the event tomorrow.

My job tomorrow will be "The Tea Lady"

                                                             To Be Continued.....................................

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