Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What's happening to the WORLD!


What is happening to our world?

I question myself very, very, very often.

Do things change  in our world through money?
Changes are made without our notice in many occasions!

I always grew up and believed that people who ran the country would be here to look after us through our up's and down's in life as that was what their position was all about?
I've seen many things that have happened through out the years and seen the political issues and especially the miners issues........ c'est la vie

Where has the world gone???

Why do people with money have POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

Do they really know what it's like to run a county and know what is the best thing that should be done for the world that we live on?

I'm totally confused with all that has been happening and this "Twitter!" even I can't be arsed with it anymore!!!!

        I'm stilled pissed off with my sister & brother-in-law! (Mrs & Mr Janiece & David Wallace)

Thought I'd keep you all in the loop Ok !

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