Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - 2nd last Wednesday of 2016

The second last working Wednesday of 2016

It's lovely to see that the hard work given to the garden from all the volunteers has never faded away.
I was totally amazed that even although it's only a few days until Christmas, the garden was high on their to-do list over the festive period. (We may have that gardening fever!)

There was an organised fire with the wood that was of no use to the garden and the composting throne (lavvy) room was coming along quite nicely.
I have offered myself to use my sewing machine to make a pair of curtains for the "Throne Room"
Not bad Eh!

It's bitterly cold but still got time to smile.

We seem to be so lucky every time we're in the garden for the sun to appear.

There was the position of the wood burner and the talk about the tiles to go up the wall behind the burner.

Another lovely sunny end of the working day in the garden.

                                                              To Be Continued..........

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