Monday, December 5, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Tree Dressing "Sun"Day

It's as if the Sun comes out to play every Sunday in the Inspire Community Garden.
Today the Inspire garden held a Tree Dressing Day to hang wooden and paper shapes to decorate the bare branches of the trees; it's also time to help feed the birds that fly around this area over the cold winter wonderland period.
Councillor Shirley Niblock arrived in the garden to put a tree dressing gift on one of the trees; she had already attended the Harvest Open Day on Sunday 18th September and it was lovely to see her back in the garden again.

It was truly wonderful to see that others who arrived to be part of the Tree Dressing Day had gone out of their way to prepare their own dressing's which was special and closer to their hearts which was a very meaningful touch.

It was so touching to see that Councillor Shirley Niblock helped the volunteer Ed assist this child put up her dressing to help feed the birds onto a tree branch.

Inspire Community Garden Charity is being sponsored by the Cubs in Chesterfield this year and it was lovely to see all their pieces of art hanging from the trees.

Take the pose and Vogue!

It was a challenge to climb up the ladders but I managed it!
It was worse to climb down though!

The ladders were a challenge but I climbed them!
This root friend will live hanging in the trees.

There's still lots of work to be done on the Tree Dressing Day.

The visitors were getting knowledge of the trees that are in the Inspire Community Garden.

It was lovely to hear some inquisitive questions from the children.

Second tree was dressed up and the third larger tree had the tree feller raising himself to higher branches to put on more dressings.

I've never seen so many smiles from the visitors as they dress the trees.

A visitor asked the tree feller to place his daughters dressing on the large tree and took the picture of where their gift shall be placed.

Great creativity in the dressings.

A brilliant end to a wonderful Tree Dressing Day.

To Be Continued...................

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