Monday, September 12, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Preparation for Harvest Day

On entering the garden the first thing that took my attention was the large bright yellow heads of the Sunflowers and noticed that the large water containers where dry.
I did ask about it but no-one knows how the water is now gone?

Kettles on so it's time for lunch.

Another lovely Alfresco lunch with some Lemon Drizzle & Carrot cake to try for the harvest day.
I had one of each and they were so light and fluffy then I was asked "like the potato lemon drizzle!"
"What?" I said, "I just had a cake?"
Well, that was an eye-opener!
I was already amazed with the Beetroot Brownies, but a potato cake!
You learn something new every day....... 10/10 for the cakes.

Two beautifully stylish ladies heard about the garden and popped in for a look at the progress.

It was lovely to see them pick the runner beans for their Sunday dinner.
Many thanks ladies.....  please pop in another time.

The flower of the Aubergine is looking pretty stunning.

Another good day done.......

To Be Continued.................

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