Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Boythorpe Spring Festival

It was wonderful that Inspire Community Garden received an invitation to join the Boythorpe Spring Festival and have a space to promote the garden on their Spring Community Day.

We took potting trays, pots, compost, and growing seeds of beans and sunflowers for anyone who was interested in growing plants or vegetables.
It was lovely to see many pots filled with sunflowers so I decided to have my face painted as a Sunflower too!

I looked at the Climbing Wall and then went into deep thought ?!?
I said "How hard can this be as these wee children can do it so easy?"
That's the hardest move I've ever taken.............
My fingers froze when held onto the grips and I was only about 4 foot or 50 inches high and the person in charge actually put his arm over to my back and asked me to let go and the rope will lower me down but could I unfreeze my fingers........ Nope!
I'll give this a miss the next time!

Steve was clever and lowered the camera to make me look like I'd climbed high up the wall but in the picture you can see the top of three bent fingers that was holding me up!

Now; this is no fear!

Now that was a great achievement of Climbing The Wall!!!

One of the visitors asked why the sunflower had a small seed center as it should cover the whole nose so I went and corrected the central seed pad of the face sunflower.

It's the end of the day and we say our goodbyes and I can't wait until the paint washes off the face!

                                                        To Be Continued..............................

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