Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Recipe of Osborn and Painting.

After the last blob/blog about the Authoress Emma Pass, I was collected later that night as I had an appointment the next morning at 9am at the Osborn buliding, my old home.
The Princess Royal Spinal Injuries and Neurorehabilitation Centre Osborn Building.
What a mouthful there.

I do my usual and ask so many questions that I need to be answered.
Dr Singh was the most lovely gentleman who explained and answered all my questions that day.
A great education day.
My Osborn Home

I seem to look so tired these days; but it's lovely to see my medical friends again.
One day I may come in and sing and dance, so I shall practice.

I wish I could and sit for hours and hours and blether with you all.

I was taught to speak which was a challenge for me.

Everyone has done so many wonderful things to help me on my way..

I had to do a double-take on this room.

We laughed at me being brought into this break room where they could watch all my movements.
They watched my every move as I was a determinating rascal who was looking for fun and laughter with my boldness and cheekyness. I never stopped surprising them with glee.
The Princess Royal

I went down to the Surgery for a chat and a coffee at CommuniKate cafe.
It's wonderful having a cafe coffee shop in your surgery.
The colours and the atmosphere is something different.
How many surgeries has a very up-to-date relaxed communal area like this. I've never know this in all my days and I'm 50yrs young!
I'll pop in again.....very soon!
I don't need the excuse of an appointment with the Dr; it's wonderful, no excuses needed here.

2 x Pauls and Pauline....

Our Heroes, Our Soldiers, What Happens To Them!

 I painted, had the TV on volume and watched Pudsey all at once.........Magical !

Posty Paul had a wee look at what was happening.

I decided to make some more cakes to take into Specialist Stroke Services.
I decided to make a Black Forest Gateaux and some individual mini cakes tooboot.

Hey, I've never been taller than anyone else, so Linda Mitchell Wright my Social Services Supporter got a cake.
Here's some great news that Janiece told me;
The new "MISS BRITAIN" is Janieces neighbour.
WoWZeR for that.
I wish her well and have a superb year as Miss Britain.
I showed my art tutor what I had been upto at the weekend; Loch Lomond at Balloch; the start.

I had a nice wee chat with my neighbour about gardening.

I went into Sport Direct and bought some ankle weights.
As I walked out of the shop, I doubled backed and returned and asked if they could put them on my ankles.
Job Done....
I walked a small distance to Cafe Nero again and had to sit down and put my feet up. WoW! What a relief, carrying that little extra weight for such a small distance for my feet and legs. I really wanted to sleep instead.

The ankle weights


I met the Street Sand Dog Creator, this person makes a vision from sand.... WoW! 10/10

The dog just lays there and watches the world  rush around it.

I then went to SSS with my cake but firstly we had a Hat Competition....Hmmmm!

I showed the Black Forest Gateaux...............then!

.............then.......It was a birthday.

A wonderful gift and a song.

Sometimes the unexpected gift is the best present.

This surprised me; Jean the wife of Tom The Chairman put my cake in their Tombola Raffle...Shucks!!!

The lady in the next table won my cake....YeeHaa!

The shop who does lunch keeps me laughing.

That afternoon we were told about Chesterfield Time Bank, to share time with others.

They all shared the cake at the winning table.

When I went to my Creative Writing that night, I noticed our pictures on the board with the author Emma Pass.

I've never seen a dressing room like this before!

Fabulously Heavenly Swhishy!
This is my Art Tutor Karen Davies; I'm learning great ways to think for painting.

Sometimes when it's the early am o'clock, my brain wants to I do! It's not great but it's therapeutic for me.

I must have told a few jokes there!

I'm putting layers on what was painted so far.
This is .......So far!

I wonder if I'll ever finish it...........
Shall I ever get to the Finish Line; where you get satisfied with the work that you have created!

We'll see!

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