Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Santa & God Almighty.

Before I go on with this blob/blog for myself; here is my Dear Santa & God Almighty Wish; Nae Plea.


I say a little prayer every day.
I cry everytime an Ambulance wizzy's past me, my feet get glued to the pavement as I have tears in my eyes and make the cross and pray.
"GOD PLEASE"; I say.
When you become " Locked In" where I have been; I truly understand how they all feel.
When we were able-bodied at one point and then LOST; We were genuinally LOST !
Why do able-bodied people in high positions assume that they know all the answers to what is the BEST way for us to live?
How can they have that position when they have never been there themselves to know how you feel.
GOD, did you give them all the intelligence to know what is the best way for us to live???
How do they know..............???
Why do these Brainy Boxy Brilliant Brains who are on higher levels know what is the best thing in life?
They allow Abortions and give out The Death Penalty, then when they turn they say that you must stay where you are! LOST !
What happened to your CHOICES!
Why do people know what is the BEST thing!
They know the best way for you to live?......WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY!
What happened to RIGHTS!

Does this Nation have a Conscience!
The Conscience of the Nation!

Dear GOD, Please Listen I'm Pleading.
Dear SANTA, my Wish is that all who are LOST get their Wishes and Dreams come true.


Pauline Quinn XXX


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