Saturday, April 12, 2014

I AM (Full Documentary) - The shift is about to hit the fan!

Before I carry on with this blob/blog, here is something to think seriously about.

After a brain injury of any kind, the Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage that I had or the Strokes that others have come through  even the post concussion syndrome had by the Director of this Inspirational Documentary; I AM by Tom Shadyac.......... it makes you think!

85% of the people who have suffered this type of brain activity leaves you Depressed, Anxious, Frustrated and unfortunately the feeling that this is the end of your life, my list can go on here....

Who really understands what happens to us on the inside.......!

Can anyone see or feel the pain that we have to bear............!

I thought that I was back but unfortunately I'm not.....YET!
I shall get there.....I have the determination and focus to bring myself back one of these days.
It will take Days, Months or even Years for me to get "I AM" back to the real me again!
No doubt there!

I thank my Family;
For their solidarity at being together here.
The fact that they all put up with all of my moans, groans, whinging, blubbering  and even hatred in my own fantasy world where I was as my brain is trying to recover.

Families usually split and crumble and I love the fact that they stood there waiting for me.

I do Wish and Hope that everyone gets back home.

Enjoy this Documentary of I AM, it inspires you to move forward.
All things are connected to one.
Desmond Tutu says,
"God says: You know what!...... I don't have anyone else except you!"

Toms dad; Robert Shadyac says before he passed away; "Where has love gone!"
A wonderful Eutophia dream.

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