Monday, April 14, 2014

Dis-a-bit-of-a-flap ! Disability Now with Paul Carter

Here I go again; Feb 17th  onwards to 4th March 2014

I love to walk and talk all over again; it's a great achievement for me.
I went to see Chris Spencer for a wee natter about life and getting my life back.

I met and spoke to Paul Carter from Disability Now in the Chesterfield College Coffee Shop.
You know me and coffee shops these days.
I still talk with a passion to hear my own voice. It keeps me happy.

Paul Carter

Paul Carter
Paul Carter is a journalist, producer, director and presenter who first started writing for Disability Now back in the long forgotten mists of time (ok, 2007). He now presents Disability Now's monthly podcast The Download. Paul is the founder/director of production company Little Man Media, making documentary, corporate and charity films among many other things. He worked as a producer on Channel 4's BAFTA-winning coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games. 

The Specialist Stroke Services amaze me at the diverse of entertainment for all.
This is Head of Practice David James Lees:
BSc Hons, Lic Ac, MBAcC, Pg Dip Counc, GQ Hyp, NLP Master, Master of Taoist Arts & Qigong Master {China} Pheeeewwwww!
What a great brain in action there.
I must visit soon; what a list I have already.........!
It's great to hear all the stories and refresh the brain.

A passionate talker.

I'd like to do some more Qigong and Thai Chi exercises to get the body and soul together.
Peak House Practice
                                                                MIND --- BODY --- SPIRIT

A Unique Centre for Complementary Health, Holistic Wellbeing & Personal Development in Derbyshire.
I shall put this on my "To Do" list.     Ahhhh! Fresh Air, Green, Peaceful.

I spoke to dad and heard that Joyce was in hospital; I must send a card!
I had a chat with Bob Rafferty about how the female is portrayed. I'll use it for painting soon.
I tried to pencil draw, it was a bit tricky.....

Remember last years meeting as we bumped into each other while we were out shopping in the same shop.
Great memories there.

Bob Rafferty, very creative.

Back to Reflexoloxy; a refreshing start to another day.
I save a few lines for the reflexology day...

What stories these days, amazing!

Advertising the Event for Neurocare at the Heartspace in Chesterfield College Official.

Bridget are you up to nonsence again!

These students are so concious of what they do; they know about the damaged inners of my feet.

What a refreshing start to another day of reflexology

I meet exciting people out and about in the Chesterfield Market Square.
I'm not the only one who loves to talk........ they are abundant here!

There must be an emotion that triggers when you are near a cute little pony.
Why does the Disability of you dissappear when your next to an animal?
You can pat on its head, brush its coat or you may give it a carrot ............. is this to nourish and care towards another being;  even although you are disabled too!!!
What triggers us to do this........
I loved going to the Clowne Farm every week in 2012, it made me Happy, very, very happy.
Hi, Ian Boyd and all the team there, Ste, Jack, Rachael, Patricia; catch up soon. ;-) XXX
Animals care for each other, it's naturally built in

As I meandered into town then I heard.......... the music!
Music began and I was stuck to the spot to enjoy the song and happiness that arrived with it.
Ian Violin & Steve Everything

Flick through this and sing a song.

I may have accidently become a musician with Va,Va,Voom...........--->

Getting in the Groove here!

The End.............Till next time ;-)
What a Great Day; ThanX to Steve Everything & Ian Violin.

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