Friday, August 22, 2014

April brings Chesterfield College supporting Neurocare Charity. (Day One)

April begins with my birthday and mum sent me a card with some pennies to treat myself.

It was perfect that on my birthday I had my Reflexology session at Chesterfield College; what a treat to be with all the perfect pampering students that day.
I was surprised, even gobsmacked when I was taken through to the reflexology class and seen that the College had already started to promote the event that they were holding for Neurocare Charity in Sheffield.
WoWSeR !

Time for the birthday pampering with Stacey & Dayle the college tutor.
(I don't think I've ever pampered my feet for my birthday?)
Result !
Looks like a good day so far.

 The measurements of the ankles.
Before: Right 26cm    Left: Slightly under 26cm
 After :  Right 25cm   Left: 24.5cm
 Lots of concentration by Stacey.


Now my Right toe and ball of the foot was very sensitive and I had the weirdest feelings on the right ball area of the foot.
I wonder if the right foot feelings that I had could be the nerves starting its connecting with all the hand movements that's been happening on a weekly basis.

Great words from Bridget

Interesting knowledge

Dayle & Bridget help me on the way to health & happiness.

I started to promote Chesterfield College, as they were preparing an Event for Neurocare Charity.
I asked some local businesses if they could assist me and put up a poster on their wall or window.
All sorts of shops, stalls, public houses, all the staff and owners were amazing with their assistance to promote this good cause for Chesterfield College and Neurocare.

      A Big thumbs up for Chesterfield

Health Charities, etienne, Awnings, Blinds & Curtains with Steve & Vicky, KM Travel, The Bluebell Pub,  Reds Hairdressing,  Kash, Geoff & Mark Stallholders, The Information Centre, No 10 Tearoom, Chesterfield Library, Meadowfresh Butchers, Cafe Nero, Mr X, the butchers, the bakers and the candlestick makers..... as I sing ### ###

 Health Charities
etienne; Awnings, Blinds & Curtains with Steve Holland & Vicky Wood

KASH The phone stallholder

GEOFF & MARK Gardening Plants & Shrubs Stallholder

Blue Bell advertise
The Blue Bell

REDS Hair Salon



The Information Centre

Information wall

Chesterfield Library
Cafe Nero

No 10 Tea Room

Mr "X" took along the poster and my blog card with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink and say no more as a big smile appeared on his face as I walked away gleefully. Nice tie......

Mr "X"

Meadowfresh Butchers keep up my humour as we chat and laugh, magnificent service which costs nothing.

Birthday Chocolates

Then whisked away in a yellow Pipercross car.
(I wish!)

Ahhhhh ! Dreams.
The Pipercross
It's been a busy birthday; I wonder what shall appear the next day/week/fortnight/month...

Many ThanX to all who assisted.

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