Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Inspire Community Garden - Time To Protest - It's Not a Laugh! 10/12/2018

I've always been brought up into this world with respect, politeness, and thoughtfulness for others on this land. I knew that being involved in supporting and doing something good for the Community is a good thing that you're doing; even if it is through a protest.
I've been rather shocked and couldn't understand the thoughts that must be going through the minds of the Planning/Planners?
I still can't understand that one!
Have I been living on our planet ?
Do I no longer become aware of what goes on throughout this area every year!
It's been a bit of wake-up call to me!

I'm not happy with the smiled Planner faces so I shall not put any of their pictures on here.
These people are not worth it!

C'est La Vie!     Such Is Life!

                                                            To Be Continued................

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